Rubbish kills – a very important message to everyone

Mun Mun (of Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary) did another dog rescue during the weekend and again, it was a dog with her head stuck inside a container/jar.

Mun Mun says this is the 9th dog he has rescued with his/her head stuck in a container.

Please take a look at these photos:

How did poor dog get her head stuck in the container/jar? Please read on.

Thanks to Mun Mun who did the rescue, she is safe and sound now. She was rescued in Kundang and is now safe at Mun Mun’s sanctuary.

I remember last year Mun Mun did a similar rescue and it took him many days before the dog was successfully rescued and saved. These are street animals who are wary of humans, so to rescue them is never an easy task, more so when they are already in despair. It takes a great deal of patience, commitment, skill and compassion to do such rescues.

This was another one, also in Kundang, a few years ago. It took Mun Mun a total of 16 hours to rescue him.

All photos above are courtesy of Mun Mun.

For Mun Mun, this is the 9th time he has rescued a dog in this situation. Below is a very, very important message from Mun Mun which I hope all of you will share as widely as you can.

Many people are not educated (or not aware of the dangers) on how they dispose of their waste. Rubbish kills… after festivals they dispose of the containers without cover and there are some biscuits left inside so stray animals try to eat the food and their head get stuck. I have rescued 9 such cases. If not rescued they will die a painful death from dehydration and starvation.

During pet fair events in my booth I hang up those containers I have rescued from the dogs and use it to educate the public on the dangers of these containers.

Many people don’t know the dangers that this simple waste they throw as rubbish can cause so much suffering to these poor innocent and hungry street animals.

If you throw your containers, please cut them into two or flatten them before you throw.  Better still, send them for recycling.

Dear friends and animal lovers, please share this message as widely as you can. How many more poor animals have got their heads stuck in containers/jars but were never rescued? All because they were hungry, and humans might not have been aware of how dangerous it is to throw away containers which still have food scraps in them. 

A quick check with my friend in Ipoh revealed that Ipoh feeders have also encountered such dogs at dumpsites, but they failed to rescue the dogs because they cannot get near them at all.

To reiterate Mun Mun’s message, if you must throw your containers, please cut them into two or flatten them before you throw. Better still, reuse your containers or send them for recycling (but please ensure that there are no more food scraps in them so that animals are not attracted to them). 

Rubbish kills. Let’s all please remember this. Please continue sharing this message with as many people as you can. 

Thank you.

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