Tabs’ second spot-on – dramatic!

Tabs is due for her second spot-on tomorrow, but I decided to get it done today since my husband is around to help out, in case anything goes wrong.

Revolution spot-on for 4kg cats has been out of stock for a long time. For Tabs’ first dose, we were given two tubes of Revolution Plus for smaller cats (the clinic says two tubes is equal to one tube for Tabs’ weight).  But now, the clinic has Advocate for Tabs’ weight, so that’s an option too.  Otherwise, it is very pricey paying for two tubes of Revolution for smaller cats as one dose for Tabs.

Honestly, I am quite fearful when it comes to using ANY brand of spot-on because of a really bad previous experience which I’d rather not talk about here. Those of you who have been following the blogposts might remember the case long ago, but let’s not talk about that now.

So, I know that Revolution is a Class-3 poison whereas Advocate is a Class-2 (which makes it more toxic). That is also another consideration. But I finally decided to go with the Advocate. After all, my previous bad experience was actually with Revolution and not Advocate.

So my husband went to get the one tube of Advocate and I applied it on Tabs, at the back of her neck.

Unfortunately, after a few minutes, we saw Tabs foaming at the mouth.

Oh no!

I suspect she may have used her paw to touch the liquid and then licked it.

Very quickly, I got a syringe and flushed water into her mouth. I kept doing this but she was still foaming though not excessively.

After that, we continued monitoring her. She was still foaming a little, but not as much as earlier on. I considered giving her charcoal tablets as well, but decided to consult the vet through text. Luckily the vet is open today even though it is a public holiday.

Finally the vet replied that just flushing water would do, there is no need for charcoal tablets.

By then, Tabs was already much better.

Through it all, she was alert and active and apart from the foaming, there were no other symptoms of being in distress. I also managed to check online for recommendations. Some websites say that for any foaming, the pet must be taken to the vet immediately. But this one says:

Topical flea products – Foaming at the mouth due to topical flea products should resolve quickly. Offer the cat some water and a small amount of food or a treat to get rid of the taste.

Remember to apply topical flea products to the back of the neck where the cat can’t reach. Never use topical products for dogs on your cat as these are extremely toxic.

I did apply the tube to the back of the neck, but I guess she must have used her paw to touch it and then licked her paw. The bitter taste must have made her foam at the mouth.

As suggested above, I also gave her some food, which she ate happily.

Tabs is okay now.

Phew…what a relief!!

She has more or less stopped balding and fur is definitely growing back, slowly but surely.

This episode of balding is much worse than last year’s, though, when I compared with last year’s photos – after one month of the first spot-on application, more fur had grown back already.

Never mind, Tabs. We’ll get there.

Tabs, you certainly gave me a huge scare today, but I’m glad I didn’t panic.

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