Bunny’s sudden drooling

This morning, Bunny started drooling thick saliva out of the blue.

Cow Mau was calling me at the grille to alert me about Bunny’s condition.

Bunny was drooling non-stop. I wiped the saliva, and he just kept on drooling. Drooling for cats is uncommon, unlike dogs, so a visit to the vet is warranted. I also tested if Bunny could eat by giving him some Greenies – he could, with no problems. A quick check on the websites said that drooling could be a sign of pain somewhere, so I gave Bunny a dose of transdermal Tramadol. He also did not look comfortable.

Luckily I managed to get an appointment at the vet’s and off we went.

The vet checked and found that the salivary glands under Bunny’s tongue were swollen. Other than that, the ear-prick blood test did not show anything significant. Bunny also had no fever; he was active and alert. His other set of salivary glands elsewhere were not swollen, only these under the tongue.

The vet said Bunny could have eaten something which triggered it. That’s just a possibility as there is no specific cause for this condition. Bunny was given a Metacam anti-inflammatory injection and I am to monitor his condition. Hopefully the drooling will stop by tomorrow or so. The vet said it didn’t seem anything serious, though.

Thankfully, right after we came home, the drooling had already stopped.

Here’s Bunny eating his lunch heartily after we came home.

Our hero, the ever-loyal brother-cat.

Cow has been looking after his siblings all his life. I remember when I first found them as newborns abandoned by the roadside, it was Cow who crawled off to “look for help”. Even as little kittens in our house, Cow was always the one who would wander all the way from the kitchen to the living room to call us for food. He’s a great cat!

In just this week alone, he has alerted me twice about Bunny not being well. Once was when Bunny vomited all his food (and I didn’t know) and today, when Bunny started drooling.

A GREAT CAT, he is!