It’s bread-balls for Cleo today

Cleo has border-line high blood pressure so she has to be on Amlodipine for life. Her dosage is just a tiny fragment of the tablet.

Very tiny.

But Cleo cannot be pilled, no matter how tiny the pill is.

So I have to figure out a few creative ways to feed her the tiny fragment on a daily basis.

On the first day, I put the tablet together with some Orozyme paste which she likes. It wasn’t exactly a smooth process as she could feel the tablet. On the second day, I crushed the tablet and mixed it with some Nutriplus Gel. She doesn’t really like Nutriplus Gel either.

Today, I wrapped the tiny tablet with bread.

Yes, it’s the classic bread-balls again!

I had a “decoy” bread-ball (without the tablet) and one with the tablet. I offered the decoy first, which she ate very happily (Cleo loves bread) then I placed the real one (with the tablet wrapped inside), with as much nonchalance as I could muster.

She ate it!!

Didn’t suspect a thing!

Lucky me.

Then, I did not give her anymore bread.

Maybe I’ll try the same method tomorrow….until it ceases to work. Then, I’ll think of something else.

Shh….luckily Cleo doesn’t read this blog.

P.S. Today I managed to single-handedly do the Queen’s subcut too! Lucky me.

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