Ginger’s failed attempts (and other stories including Minnie & her sons’!)

Ginger tried to escape again today.

But his attempts were averted by us.

So, to show his displeasure, he sprayed on my computer chair as well as the upstairs curtains. Sigh.

We actually took down our upstairs curtains all because they were targets for his spraying, but recently, we installed them back thinking it’s been long enough. Spraying on the curtains are the worst because it involves so much work to clean them. Sometimes, I would just wash the whole curtain. Ginger’s urine smells stinky (as do all healthy cats’). When the urine does not smell, that’s when you should start to worry. Possible kidney issues.

Although Ginger has a free rein in the entire house except for Bunny’s Place (because I cannot have him attacking Cow, Bunny or Indy), I understand that being a former community cat, he would still want to roam. Well, it’s too dangerous because (1) the people in our neighbourhood generally approve of free-roaming community animals and have clearly expressed their unhappiness, (2) Ginger might contract some diseases from outside, like sporo (yikes!), (3) He might eat something toxic and (4) a python was recently spotted in our area though not near our house.

On point (1), although AnimalCare promotes CNRM, but as we have said, when humans in a neighbourhood or any area do not support the concept, then that location is not suitable for CNRM and it should not be practised at the expense of the animals’ safety. In such places, the caregiver would have to do everything possible to ensure the safety of the animals. That was why we built Stargate2 and kept Daffodil’s family, Mr Zurik, Vincent and Heidi indoors. Previously, they were all CNRM-cats around our house.

That is also why I had to rehome Minnie and her sons. By the way, Minnie and her sons are all doing well in their new home. I get video updates all the time. Their family is so close-knit so I’m glad things worked out in such a way that they are all together now. Minnie was supposed to be a CNRM-cat because I could not confine her in our house (she was a genius escape artist) and I also could not catch her, but she ended up stuck in our attic which led to me catching her eventually and rehoming her together with her sons. It warms my heart so much to see their videos – the family is SO close-knit! And one would think Minnie would have difficulty settling in since she was such an escape artist? No, no. Minnie only attempted to escape on the day after she was rehomed. When she realised the escape was impossible, she settled in instantly and made friends with the other cats very quickly. Truly, it is a case of “All’s well that ends well”. I am eternally grateful to the adopter for taking the whole family.

Back to the story of Longkang Cat (that’s Ginger’s other name since he loves sitting in the drains outside).

Open Sesame!!  Door…open, open, open…

Ginger rules in the patio. It’s quite a big place for one cat, but he isn’t satisfied. He just wants to go out. Well, no, Ginger. Please don’t go out, it just isn’t safe for you.


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