“You think you can fool me?” – Cleo

The bread-balls failed miserably this morning.

I did the same thing – one decoy and one real (with the tiny Amlodipine wrapped inside). Offered them to the Queen in a bowl. She sniffed at them, then after some deliberation, only ate the decoy, left the real one and walked away.


She knows already.

So I wanted to try my luck and tried force-feeding the tiny bread-ball.

World War III broke out and I lost miserably.

Finally, I opened up the bread-ball, found the tiny tablet, crushed it and mixed it with Cindy’s pureed tuna (baby food – what will I do without this!) in a bowl. Then, I mixed her usual Renal-N with the same pureed food and this was in the same bowl but in a different patch.

Cleo was hiding under the bed. I pushed the bowl to her.

She didn’t even bother to sniff at it. Just outright rejected both.

So I pulled her out and force-fed both. As I did that, I explained to her that she needs both the high blood meds and the Renal-N because of her kidney condition, so would it be possible for her to be good and just eat it herself? Please?

Thankfully, force-feeding a paste is still possible with Cleo (so far) because it doesn’t involve opening her mouth.

It’s just that her golden mouth cannot be opened. It’s her greatest taboo. How I wish that all medicines for animals can be compounded into a transdermal paste and applied onto the inner ear, right? That’ll solve so many problems for us! No more having to force-feed (and fail) or get bitten (and having to get a tetanus shot)!

So you think you can fool me with the bread-balls? 

Aren’t you the one who keep telling people that a cat’s sense of smell is 40 times stronger than that of a human’s? 

Oh well…

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