Neutering aid for 1 cat in Bernam Jaya (Siti Khaulah bt Abdul Razak’s) & Updates

We have fully sponsored RM100 for the neutering of this cat, Tom.

Updates on previous cats are below.

I would like to apply for AnimalCare Neutering aid for this male cat I named Tom. He has been around in the neighborhood (Citrina, Bernam Jaya, Hulu Selangor) for almost 2 years but I couldn’t trap and neuter him earlier as he was very feral and would run away and hiss at me if I get any closer..I’ve only managed to tame him recently after many days of endurance and perseverance. 

After a week of his neuter surgery, he’s now doing great and has already returned to the colony back to his normal daily life around the neighborhood. He will come every morning and evening for food and would take a nap under the porch (he’s now already become friendly with the other previously neutered cats). I will continue to look after and feed him for his entire life.

Attach is Tom’s collage of before and after the surgery, receipt of payments and application form. Also included is a collage of recent photos of all cats that I sent for neuter/spay surgery with the help of AnimalCare Neutering Aid. They’re all healthy and happy under my care.

I will post the completed application form and original receipt later today and hope that it will reach your hand as soon as possible.

Your consideration of my application is highly appreciated. 

Thank you,
Siti Khaulah Binti Abdul Razak


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