The Blue Box for Cow Mau

As promised, I ordered two new trays (boxes) and one of them is for Cow Mau.

But Cow Mau is no longer interested in accompanying Bunny now, so Bunny has decided to use two boxes!

Cow wants the pillows instead, which he “shares” ownership with Cleo.

I did not see any evidence of sprayed urine this morning nor did I witness any seizure from Cow. I only saw him scratching himself a bit here and there. I’m to observe for 3-4 days to see if the Advocate spot-on works. Let’s hope it does.

Cleo rejected the single bread-ball as of yesterday (as expected) so I have resorted to crushing the tiny fragment of tablet and mixing it with some baby food (Cindy’s pureed food) and rubbing it on her mouth, which she accepts. I have to do the same with the Renal-N powder too as she is no longer willing to lick it herself.

You’re a smart cat, Cleo, so why don’t you know that the Renal-N is good for you?

Because I know you will find a way to feed me the stuff.  I derive joy in enslaving you. 

Bunny had no stools today, but then, he had loose stools yesterday and when the vet checked, his bowels were completely empty. So, hopefully, tomorrow? I only gave him a small scoop of the renal kibble for a supper snack last night.

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