Surprise Me Happy Meals and other stories

I started giving the cats our “Surprise Me Happy Meals” by adding toppings (of various kinds) to their raw food ever since they kind of lost interest in eating. Every meal, I would put a different topping so that there is that surprise element there. I was hoping it would entice them to eat or at least look forward to every meal with a bit more enthusiasm.

My toppings ranged from raw treats, canned food to kibble. Initially it worked very well, but after awhile, they also lost interest in the topping-laced food.

I guess having aged, they aren’t that interested in eating anymore, they don’t have as good an appetite as they were young or they simply don’t eat as much as before.

Nowadays, they even leave the toppings/treat even though initially they were so happy with (especially) the kibble. It’s been a long time since they had kibble (since I converted them to 100% raw).

But one thing I noticed in the last few days is that they leave the kibble and eat the raw food, which is actually incredibly smart because raw food is very easily digestible (it has natural enzymes) whereas kibble is supposedly the hardest to digest as it contains carbohydrates and cats don’t digest carbs very well. Mixing raw food with kibble is actually not recommended as it might upset their digestion. Mixing raw food with canned is not as bad. I’ve tried canned – they also grow tired of it very quickly.

There’s one thing I haven’t tried yet and that is to reduce their meals from thrice daily to twice (which is what most cats get anyway). They have had three meals a day all their life and they don’t eat much per meal, so reducing it to twice a day may be very challenging. Indy, for example, cannot eat too much at one meal; he will vomit everything out.

I actually tried, but by lunch time, they would be waiting at the grille (even though I don’t think they are actually hungry, because when offered food, they sometimes just walk away). Maybe they wait out of habit. Or they know they get my attention during that time.

I think Tabs needs to eat as she gets hungry quite fast and never skips a meal.

So, at this moment, I’m not aiming to try for twice a day yet.

Cow Mau and Bunny are 16 years old this year. It was only lately that their appetite decreased. Previously, all these years, they have had a fantastic appetite. They eat a lot, and they were never choosy. It’s a joy to feed them.

By the way, Cow threw a seizure today. It’s been three days since I applied the Advocate spot-on, so it isn’t looking too good. Maybe it’s not due to an ectoparasite bite. Maybe we would need further exploration next week, at the vet’s. Cow also vomited out his breakfast this morning but maybe this is an unrelated event. He went to eat grass after that and I also gave him Omeprazole.

Cleo has ALWAYS been a finicky eater all her life. She’s also a very small eater. There was a period in her life where I wondered why she did not starve till skin and bones when she ate so little. How did you survive with so little food, Cleo?

Indy became finicky after he had that massive gastro-intestinal problem which lasted months. Then, he had a bout of being unwilling to eat on his own for a few weeks where I had to force-feed him to literally keep him alive. Nowadays, he does eat on his own. His willingness to eat by himself improved when I introduced the Surprise Me Happy Meals, but now, the novelty is gone and he’s back to his finicky self again. Today, for example, I just didn’t have the time, so I just force fed him (which is quite easily done). The problem with Indy is that if I don’t force feed him, he will make a total racket yelling at the grille until the next meal. When he starts to yell, he won’t entertain food also.  He just wants to yell. Sigh…

This is Tabs’ smaller litter box. Since I now have the new (bigger) ones for Tabs, I cleaned this and left it in Bunny’s Room at the foot of the big bed, thinking perhaps Cleo might want to lie in it since Cow and Bunny both have boxes of their own now.

What??? Me lie in an old litter box?? You must be out of your mind!!!

Surprisingly, we have since seen a small pool of urine in it three times now. Hmm…who has been urinating in the box? Cow, Bunny, Cleo and Indy do not use litter boxes. I’ve tried before when we moved here, but they just don’t use them. They prefer the grass and soil.

So, who has been using the litter box? It’s a mystery.

But it’s good that someone is using the litter box.

I can rule out Bunny. It cannot be Bunny because he pees on the wall in the room in two specific places. So, is it Cow, Cleo or Indy?

I think it is Cleo….

Is it you, Cleo?

Keep guessing, human… You have a 33.3% chance of getting it right. 


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