Neutering aid for 1 cat in Ipoh (Chuah Zi Ling) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat, Malachy. There is a long write-up about Malachy and her family. Please scroll right to the end.

Updates on the previous cat, Fufu, are below.

I am writing to apply for neutering aids for 1 female cat (Malachy). I had posted the original receipt and application form to you. 

Write up:

            This is Malachy, her birthday is on 28th February 2021. She’s a cute and sweet young mother (She just gave birth to 3 kittens in February). Malachy’s mother abandoned her in front of my house (Bercham, Ipoh) when she was just about 3 months old. It was love at first sight when I first saw Malachy. Since then, I have started to feed and play with her. It didn’t take me long to earn her trust.

            All of the sudden she got pregnant. I felt uneasy seeing her going through her pregnancy and giving birth. Luckily, all of her kittens have been adopted and found their forever home. 7 weeks after she delivered the babies, I decided to bring her to neuter. After the surgery, she will continue to stay with me and her best friend Fufu (just neuter last month). I will take care of Malachy and Fufu for as long as I can. Seeing them growing and playing around makes me feel satisfied and I will continue to do so because they will always be my sweetheart.

Regarding the birthday date of Malachy, The reason I am so sure the birthday date is because Malachy’s mom(Yanggii) who is also Fufu mom as well. Each time she will come to our house near her due date. 
And for Malachy and her sibling Eve, Yanggii gave birth to them at my house rooftop. My family and I climbed up and put them in a safe place. The moment we saw Malachy and Eve, they were still wet and covered in some blood. We put them inside a box. Since we didn’t wear gloves when handling and wiping her kittens, Yanggii moved her kittens (Malachy and Eve) after we took her kittens down to another empty house. Later after 3 months or more, Yanggii left them here when come back to eat in front of my house.
This is the whole story of rescuing Malachy and Eve from the rooftop. Below attachment was Malachy and Eve after we took them down from rooftop. 

            Update for previous cat that apply for neutering aids: This is Fufu. I applied for the neutering aid for her last month. She recovered very well and started to gain weight. Fufu and Malachy are best friends. 

I thanked you for all the kindness you gave to the furry friends and society. Thank you and all the best. 

Best Regards

Ms Louie Chuah 

More stories:

Eve also being abandoned together with Malachy. I fed her as well. But I loss sight of her since last year October. I searched around for several weeks but couldn’t find her. 
As for Yanggii, she’s a 13++ years-old cat according to a vet. I did manage to bring her to a vet once because she constant in low mood after her pregnancy ( doesn’t want to eat, drink or anything). Before coming into contact with your society, I have tried so many attempts to catch and get her to neuter, but each time fails. She only got more and more aggressive after I tried to catch and close her in the cage before neuter. 
Unlike Fufu and Malachy, Yanggii screamed nonstop and my neighbour are all complaining. She also bang her head against the cage causing injuries at the face and nose. When I released her she will scratch me and refuse my touch for such a long time. She might look sweet and good on the outside but she behaved like a wild beast when things doesn’t go as planned. We are so fed up each time she came to our house, gave birth to pack of kittens, hide them into another place, abandon in our doorsteps after several months. 
Currently I have 3 cats outside – Yanggii, Malachy and Fufu. Malachy is still in the recovery process. Fufu is fully recovered. 
Yanggii is not neutered because she just gave birth at that time (when I managed to take her to the vet) and the vet said it would be better to let her nurse her kittens until the kittens are old enough to take care on their own and the vet mentioned to wait until 6 or 8 weeks afterward. 
That time I managed to bring her to the vet because she’s in low mood, she didn’t struggle much. 

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