Who has taken your pillow now, Cleo?


I sewed two new patchwork blankets for the cats yesterday. So I changed Cleo’s pillow cover and guess who has monopolised it!


Look at Cleo’s face!!

Cow…no seizure today. That’s four days in a row. Fingers crossed!!

No poop from Bunny today as it was raining and I could not take him to this special poop spot on the grass. But there was a huge poop yesterday so maybe he will skip today.

You poor thing, Cleo….poor girl. Indy took your pillow, did he? But you have this big bed, isn’t it better?

After a few hours…

Back to status quo for now.

And oh, I found a piece of faeces in the middle of the garden after the rain. Diameter- and location-wise, it is most likely Bunny’s! That means he did it himself today!! Yay!!

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