The fanfare on subcut days

Cleo and Bunny’s subcut days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (three times a week) because of their kidney insufficiency condition.

For Bunny, it’s quite easy and I can do it single-handedly and even change bottles midway.

But for Her Royal Cleo-ness….there’s always a bit of a fanfare.

When she senses that we are going to do her subcut (Cats are empaths, remember? So they will know. You don’t have to say a thing or take out your paraphernalia, they just “know”), first, she will run and hide, as far as she possibly can.

She even knows which are the subcut days, mind you. How she knows is anyone’s guess. So I mix it up a bit and try to trick her – sometimes I do it on Monday night, Wednesday night or Saturday night (a few hours earlier). Still…

Here is today’s fanfare.

I’m hiding here. I think if I cannot see you, you also cannot see me. 

That’s about the furthest she can go.

Sometimes, she jumps up high on the ledge in the pantry and we have to climb up to get her.

Or I hide here…

Not snatching pillows today, Cleo?

I normally cannot do Cleo single-handedly, so I waited for husband to wake up and come downstairs. By then, I had already done Bunny’s half an hour ago, so this confuses Cleo because normally we do them consecutively.

The trick is to confuse her thoroughly…if that is even possible!

And catch her unawares!!

Gotcha! Kena tangkap juga!!

Two pairs of hands are needed for her and not only that, you have to keep praising her throughout the 5 minutes.

And Cleo knows when we reach 200ml. She just knows. She will jerk and jump off the moment we reach 200ml. It’s either she reads my mind because I’m watching the reading on the bottle or she just senses that 200ml has entered her body – again, it’s anyone’s guess.

Cats are empaths, there’s no doubt about that at all!







One response to “The fanfare on subcut days”

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