A cheat day for the cats

Today’s breakfast was a “cheat day” meal for the cats!

It’s all because Bunny had loose stools yesterday, so I gave him Cindy’s Tender Chicken with broth. Of course if Bunny gets, everyone wants it too.

So, this morning, everyone had Cindy’s Tender Chicken…what a treat!

Bunny, Cow and Cleo had pure Cindy’s while Indy had Cindy’s mixed with his staple raw food.

Bunny had no appetite yesterday morning, but after all the bouts of loose stools, he was okay by afternoon and kept asking for many small meals. Bunny had seconds, thirds, fourths this morning! He was very hungry!! Indy is sort of just standing by….hoping for scraps (if and only if I offer it to him…..good boy!). Indy does not snatch. Cleo did…today, she wanted more.

Cow is pawing at his right side again. It’s just one of those things that affects him because of his FIV+ condition – gum inflammation. But Cow Mau is one super tough cow! Still, we hope to give him some relief from the constant discomfort.

Hey Cleo, why are you hiding? Today isn’t a subcut day. You miscalculated the days? Haha….

What is Tabs doing here?

Well, she has dual citizenship and is welcome anywhere in the house!

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