A Cindy’s “baby food” birthday supper treat for everyone!

I use Cindy’s Recipe’s Original canned food with goat milk (in broth) a lot. I call it Cindy’s baby food because it is meant for kittens and special needs cats. It’s just so versatile.

Mostly, it’s excellent for feeding medicines, even for someone as fussy and strong-willed as Queen Cleo. I’m thankful she is willing to let me rub the paste (Cindy’s baby food with her Renal-N supplement as well as her high-blood meds, Amlodipine). I also use it for Indy who regurgitates food once every two weeks. After his regurgitation episode, the only food he can hold down is Cindy’s baby food again! So I use it for whoever regurgitates food. It works.

It also use it to make “flavoured water” for Bunny, in order to increase his water intake due to his kidney condition. I just mix the baby food with hot water and Bunny drinks everything up. He has this daily. And when he drinks it, everyone wants some too!

AND…everyone loves the baby food. It comes in two flavours – tuna and chicken. I try to use the chicken as much as possible because tuna has natural sea salt. But of course, everyone prefers tuna. It is definitely more tasty.

This evening, everyone was treated to a birthday supper (Cow & Bunny’s belated birthday treat) of Cindy’s baby food and since it’s a treat, they had both chicken and tuna.

I didn’t even have enough time to take photos – this is their third helping, given so that I can take this photo!

No one misses a treat of Cindy’s baby food. Wherever they are, they will come to their eating spots.

We want more! We want more!

They can finish one helping in a few seconds since it’s all pasty. If only they ate their staple raw food with so much enthusiasm and fervour!

How I wish Cindy’s baby food can be used as their staple food, if only because of how much they love it! But it’s a complementary food, or meant for kittens and recuperating adults or special needs cats. For our cats, it’s a treat! Or, to hide medicine!

Itu saja? Mana cukup? I’m a big cat, I am.

Tabs and Ginger shared two cans.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without this range of Cindy’s Originals – the baby food. I use it for so many functions! And the bonus is, everyone loves it!

Ahh…we are full! What a special treat!

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