Ryan tries to befriend Cleo

As always, Ryan makes a beeline to Bunny’s Place whenever he visits, which is daily nowadays!

So far, Indy is the friendliest one in there. Bunny is okay too. Cow is…well, Cow. But Cleo hasn’t been too friendly lately.

And Ryan likes a challenge.

He did it with Cow as well, when Cow didn’t “layan” him. He kept giving Cow presents for a few days. How diplomatic, isn’t it?

Now, Ryan’s challenge is to befriend Cleo.

We missed taking the first video where Ryan placed his head on Cleo’s pillow so that he’s at Cleo’s eye level and he almost touched noses with Cleo too! Cleo did not hiss initially.

Knowing Ryan, he will not give up, and who knows, he might also resort to giving presents to Cleo too! For someone who is only 2+, Ryan has a lot of ideas! And to think that nobody taught him to give Cow Mau presents – it was his own idea!!

Ginger is the epitome of a nanny-cat. He follows Ryan around and sits with him. So, there’s no need to “ambil hati” Ginger!

Ginger looks after Jayden too!

Tabs is the No. 1 official nanny-cat!