The ongoing trials for Bunny and his chronic constipation

Bunny started on Cisapride on 15th April, which is almost a month ago. I can safely say that yes, Cisapride helps the motility in his intestines and therefore, his constipation problem. But we are still on Lactulose and the extra water.

Lately, I also started giving Bunny some kibble with the hope that it would add junk (I mean, fiber and “residue”) to his diet, to bulk up his stools. Bunny was previously on the raw diet which is low residue. The raw diet is the recommended biologically-appropriate diet for cats (as well as dogs) since cats are obligate carnivores and they don’t cook their food in the wild. Little did I realise that as the cats age, some can have chronic constipation and when this happens, we need more fiber and residue to “make” stools.

The kibble wasn’t exactly a good idea, as cautioned by the vet, because kibble is dry and can actually cause constipation. But it did work…only a bit. So next, I added canned food. I figured it might be a better option since canned food is protein and water. At least there are no carbohydrates, hence making canned food “closer” to a more appropriate diet.

Looks like adding canned food is indeed a good option so far, because in the last week, I’ve found huge (by “huge”, I mean, bigger than my measurement of “big”, which is as long as my finger) stools which Bunny passed on his own, without needing me to do the Scratch3x song as a stimulant.

Today, I did the Scratch3x song and Bunny squated, but only managed halfway, the stool got stuck and I had to pull it out. I thought today was one of those not-so-good days until later in the morning, I found a huge stool on the rocks! Nobody defecates on the rocks and this part of the garden except Bunny. Location- and diameter-wise, it IS Bunny’s. The other three all have stools of a significantly smaller diameter and they use the sandpit, or near to the sandpit at the far end of the garden.

So, yay!

I hope this canned food option continues to work. I mix canned food with his raw diet. I know, ideally I’m not supposed to mix canned food (cooked) with raw food, but I did check on websites and some say the raw diet can cause constipation in certain cats simply because there is insufficient fiber. I’ll just have to do whatever it takes for our cats, to the best of my knowledge.

Bunny has given up his Red Box and Blue Box and has now opted for Cleo’s new litter box!

Now, is Cow Mau accompanying his brother here, or trying to intimidate Bunny? I vote for the former!

Look at Cleo!

Cow says: I cannot possibly intimidate Bunny from here, can I? 


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