Cow wants to eat!

So Cow is really hungry and asked for food!

Nowadays, all the cats have supper as well. And because one of Bunny’s trials was to include some kibble in his diet (to bulk up his stools), everybody’s supper is now…kibble.

Oh well…never mind. Let them enjoy the treat!

The vet said to let Cow have soft food for a few days, so instead of kibble, I offered Cow Cindy’s baby food. But Cow wasn’t really interested in it. I think he wanted what everyone was having – kibble.

I also remember that when Vincent had his dental surgeries which involved the extraction of teeth, the senior vet (then) specifically said that kibble may be better because in reality, cats don’t bother to chew kibble or any of their food. They just swallow it whole. And even without teeth, cats can easily crush kibble with their jaws. Vincent did eat a lot the night after his surgeries and he ate kibble.

So I gave Cow Mau some kibble too, to let him choose whichever he wants.

He wasn’t too interested either, so I finally gave him canned food (with jelly). I normally don’t use the type with jelly at all; I use the ones with broth, but this time, I had bought some for variety since the ones with broth had very limited chicken flavours. I’d like to keep tuna out as far as possible due to its natural sea salt content.

Cow ate the canned food with jelly.

When I finally went to clear up the bowls, all of them were empty. I think Bunny must have helped. By the way, Bunny has been defecating by himself ever since I added “junk” into his diet! Again, this is a case of being between the devil and the deep blue sea. If I don’t add “junk”, Bunny suffers from constipation. If I add “junk”, it isn’t exactly healthy. I’ve decided to do the latter because the “junk” that I add is still food AND because Bunny enjoys it.

Like I told a friend, what’s life if our pet cats cannot even enjoy their food at this age, right?  Yes, we force them to eat what’s healthy for their own good, but what if they no longer like it?  Then, I guess it’s okay to add a bit of variety to liven things up.

Have a good rest, Cow. You deserve it!

No more mouth pain after this!

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