All’s well with Cow Mau so far

I got up at 5.00am this morning and Cow Mau was fine.

The only thing I realised is that I’d forgotten to keep the back grille open for him last night because the e-collar would have prevented him from going out through the horizontal bars of the grille! We modified the width of our horizontal bars on the grille so that all the cats could go in and out to the garden when the grille was closed. But with the e-collar, it would have been very difficult and I had forgotten this!

Oh dear….

So I quickly let him out in case he wanted to urinate.

But he didn’t.

Later, I found urine in the Blue Box. Hmm…it must be Cow’s. What a clever boy! And the urine was a healthy yellow colour too – good, all good! I had thought earlier that Cow’s urine was getting to be colourless, but I’m so glad I was wrong!

Cow was really hungry and kept asking for food.

This time I offered Cubgrub as it has more water. But he did not want it and instead wanted Coco&Joe’s, which is more sticky and dense. Well, he gets whatever he wants!

Cow Mau ate Coco&Joe’s (his usual raw staple) and some canned food.

I also gave him a lot of off-collar time to groom, but it looks like Cow isn’t specifically pawing his mouth anymore. It was just the usual grooming of the mouth and other parts after eating.

I’m SO glad there are no complications after Cow Mau’s surgery so far. He did snort a little bit at the clinic, but the vet said it should clear up and I haven’t heard any snorting so far, which is really good! Cleo’s surgery had complications lasting more than a week after that. Later, Cow also joined Bunny for the flavoured water sessions!

I forgot to add this yesterday (which I have now, updated the blog post): The vet also checked the cells at the two arches at the back of Cow’s mouth because they were very inflamed. There was no presence of any cancer cells! What a relief! So it is all about his own immune system attacking his teeth and gums. That’s because of the FIV+ condition. We cannot do much about this, but I hope this dental procedure and through the extraction of all the back teeth would help. A friend I met at the clinic did tell me about an Ester-C treatment for FIV+ cats, though. But I think I will give this a pass for now.

But I did find this: