Ginger aka Longkang Cat escaped again…

10.45am: Ginger escaped again this morning.

I was out buying things and there was a delivery. My husband was carrying Jayden.

Ginger knew. He was at the patio, but he knew that you will not have enough hands to stop him. He did the same to me during his recent first escape as I was carrying Jayden too.

From the patio, he sneaked very slowly but strategically and escaped through the front door. Husband couldn’t do a thing as he had his hands full. No amount of shouting or scolding would work. You are carrying a baby, what can you do? And I swear…Ginger knows this.

Ginger is one sneaky cat, and is extremely smart with very sharp and astute situational awareness. He was at the patio sleeping! How did he know that an opportunity to escape had arisen?

Cats!! They are much smarter than we give them credit for.

One day, just wait…they will rule the world and make slaves of us!

Will just have to wait for him to be hungry enough to come home later. Sigh…

12noon: Ginger is back! I found him sleeping under my husband’s car right before he went off to work. So I quickly put Jayden down in the cot and used Cindy’s canned food to get him to come out. He did and I scooped him up and brought him back. Luckily I had just stocked up on canned food too. No amount of raw food can possibly entice any cat to come out! A raw diet to cats is like a healthy vegetable salad to a human.

Tabs: I don’t think this is fair. He does naughty things and gets a treat??

I know, Tabs, I know. But we have to reward him for coming home, right?

Is this the face of a master con-cat? A master strategist, an escape artist specialising in the art of deception.

Today’s outdoor trip lasted about one-and-a-half hours. Husband thought he wouldn’t come back until at least this evening because Ginger doesn’t care much for lunch. He can sacrifice food, but he cannot sacrifice his freedom!

But he came back! It wasn’t for food, I’m sure. Maybe it just isn’t that much fun in the drains anymore, is it, Longkang Cat?


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