Cow’s update, after his 3rd dental

Cow is as tough as nails! He showed no pain after his dental two days ago. He did not even paw his mouth so there’s no need to wear the e-collar anymore.

Cow is only on the transdermal Tramadol, probably until tomorrow.

Before the surgery, I was really so undecided whether to let him go through with it or not because of his age, and when he started having those mild seizures, we had to postpone the surgery. I thought that was a “sign” that he’s not suppose to go through with it. And two days before his second scheduled surgery, I saw some stains on the floor but wasn’t sure if it was urine stains (when he throws a seizure, he passes out urine). Again, was that a sign? But if he doesn’t do it, he would have to live with the mouth pain all his life… Between the devil and the deep blue sea – live with pain all your life or go through with the surgery and run the risk of not waking up from the anaesthesia? I finally decided to go for it and explained it all to Cow. Of course it helped very much that the vet assured me she would do everything necessary to ensure his safety and Cow’s kidney readings were good as well.

Well, I’m SO glad the dental surgery went smoothly and Cow has recovered from it without any complications. Now, it’s a waiting game – will the gum inflammation and infections come back now that all the back teeth have been extracted? I hope not! If it does, we will find ways to alleviate the pain but the vet also agreed that there should be no more fourth dental!

You rock, Cow Mau!! You’re the greatest!!

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