The battle of the chairs with Ginger

It’s been ongoing for more than a year now, this battle of the rattan woven chairs with Ginger.

It’s our dining chairs and we bought them 11 years ago when we first moved into this house. We had brought our seven cats from our old house to this and we had also built Bunny’s Place (the back room, a pantry and the entire back garden) for them. That’s going to be their kingdom in this house. That would be Cow, Bunny, Pole, Cleo, Indy, Tabs and Tiger.

Hence, we did not buy 100% cat-proof furniture for our house. Little did we know that once we moved in, the neighbourhood cats came and started another clan in the house (Daffodil, Rosie, Ginger, Timmy, Bosco, Raven, Willy, Vincent, Mr Zurik, Heidi, and much later, Minnie and her five boys!).

Anyway, this is about our dining chairs. They were rattan woven chairs, which became the ideal scratching post for Heidi – all six of the chairs. That’s okay, we didn’t mind that. Mr Zurik also kind of dirtied the cushioned seats of every single chair, but for this, we bought thin cushions to cover them up.

But it also became the target of Ginger’s urine sprays in the last year. He didn’t do it before, but he started doing it lately. He first targeted the one I used as my computer chair. And since it’s woven, it’s extremely difficult to clean and get rid of the smell. We would have to take the chairs outside, wash them with water, and even then, it was very difficult to get rid of the smell and this slowly became a daily issue.

So, last week, I decided to just get a set of new chairs. I chose the simplest rubber wood chairs I could find. Nothing woven, absolutely no cushions at all and easily wiped.

And what do you know, so far, it’s been a week and Ginger has not sprayed on any of them!

These are the pathetic old chairs. I thought of giving them away, but we decided to put them upstairs as extra chairs.

Heidi and Minnie’s boys used the woven rattan as their favourite scratching posts.

These are the new rubber wood chairs. The simplest I could find and they are definitely cheaper than our old rattan chairs too.

Not only has Ginger not sprayed on any of them, Tabs absolutely loves the chairs.

She has slept on every single one of the chairs so far. All four of them.

We are waiting for a bench to arrive. Apparently, the trend now is no longer the old-fashioned (boring?) six dining chairs. It’s four chairs with a bench.

Here’s a photo of the bench which is due to arrive next week:

Go ahead and spray, Ginger…haha.

No wait, on second thought….let me take back that challenge. Shh….

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