Ryan brings more presents for the cats!

Today Ginger had a new toy cow!

It was from Ryan. It’s actually Ryan’s current top favourite toy and he shared it with Ginger. Aww…

And Ryan also brought a school bus and some nuts for Cleo (yes, Ryan has not given up trying to make friends with the Queen)!

On a side note, many of Ryan’s toy vehicles are actually Jia-Wen’s. I kept practically all the toys and all the books from way back (more than 30 years!). And Ryan doesn’t mind “old” toys or books. Old is Gold, isn’t it?

Ryan loves watching his videos!! Haha…

Jayden is learning to pat Ginger.

Let big brother Ryan show the way!

Ryan: You must get down to the eye level of the cat to communicate effectively, Jayden. Let me show you.