Ryan doesn’t give up!

Ryan comes over every day in the evening and he has been trying to make friends with all the cats.

He knows he’s already friends with Bunny and Indy. Cow was a bit aloof at the beginning, but Ryan started giving presents to Cow, so I think Cow’s already a friend now.

The hardest would be….guess who?

Queen Cleo, of course.

Cleo initially hissed at Ryan whenever he tried to pat her. Then, two days ago, Cleo gave a warning “bite” on Ryan’s hand. Surprisingly, Ryan did not cry nor back off, he merely sniffed at his hand and made a face…haha. Cleo, you need Orozyme!

And Ryan isn’t discouraged either. The very next day, he continued trying to be friends with Cleo.

Yesterday, Ryan joined Cleo on her bed and gave her a toy dump truck!

Ryan: Hey Cleo, we can be friends, can’t we? Here…I brought you my current favourite toy – a dump truck! Would you like to play with it?

The innocence of childhood is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It reminds you that life can be simple and that everyone can be friends with one another. Sometimes, you just need to persevere and maybe, bribe the potential friend with a toy or two?