Converting back to 100% raw?

I just might (and “might” being the operative word here) be able to convert some of our cats back to a 100% raw diet again after the few weeks of Surprise Me Happy Meals (where they got all kinds of toppings ranging from canned food, raw treats to kibble). It all started when it got too stressful trying to make Indy and Ginger eat and Bunny was also constipated because the raw diet was low residue and I suspect had insufficient fiber to form stools or help with the motility of the intestines.

Tabs, Cow Mau and Cleo did not pose much problems, actually. Well, Cleo did too, but hers was more of the case of not wanting to eat together with the “common people” and wanting to eat after everyone else had started eating.

Lately, I think everyone had got a bit tired of the “extras” in the Surprise Me Happy Meals. Today, Tabs and Cleo actually went back to eating pure 100% raw.

Cleo went to back to 100% raw today.

Bunny still needs his toppings. After a few initial hiccups, Bunny has regained his good appetite again now.

I also restarted Tabs back on Primal toppings which she absolutely loves. Primal was out of stock for sometime, but it’s back in stock again now. That day, I tried Primal on everyone and since it’s been so long, everyone loved it too. However, they don’t want it sprinkled as toppings, they wanted it as dry chunks. Primal is supposed to be rehydrated with water, but it looks like our cats prefer it dry. Well, then it has no water it in (which isn’t too good), but at least it’s still freeze-dried raw food. Still raw, which is good.

So I think I’m going to try my best to do this conversion back to 100% raw, if I can.

Actually the only ones now demanding for the canned and kibble toppings are Ginger and Bunny. Ginger is just being finicky and demanding whereas Bunny has a valid reason to be on some canned and kibble because he needs the residue to bulk up his stools. Bunny now doesn’t need to be stimulated with the Scratch3x song at his special spot every morning in order for him to defecate. He does it on his own, in his own time. I just need to go faeces-hunting every few hours to check for stools in the back garden at Bunny’s usual spots (which is a rather large area). Luckily no one else has stools of Bunny’s diameter.

Indy is still being force fed 75% of the time, so since he is force fed, I will just force feed him 100% raw. Tabs and Cleo can be back on 100% raw as well. Cleo has always preferred the raw diet all these years because she is so feral in nature. Tabs also likes raw, or is she just being obedient, I’m not sure. But she definitely LOVES Primal Freeze-Dried, so I’m giving that back to her now that it is in stock again. Tabs also eats Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s.

That leaves Cow – what does Cow want? Right now, he doesn’t mind some toppings, but we shall see if it’s also possible to convert Cow back to 100% raw.

The 100% raw diet is purportedly the most biologically-appropriate diet for cats, being obligate carnivores. I do believe that this is true unless our cats have some special needs which require different kinds of foods.

Cow Mau – I think I can convert him back to 100% raw too.

Cleo has always preferred raw food.

Indy is force fed, so he gets 100% raw.

Cleo finishing someone’s left-over Cubgrub with a bit of canned food.

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