Ginger’s very short escape

Jia-Wen and family came over this morning to drop Jayden off with us, and Ginger somehow made a quick escape through the front door without anyone knowing until they started leaving.

When they started leaving, they noticed that Ginger was in the porch.


So I quickly got the kibble jar out and tried to get Ginger’s attention, but by then he was trying to get out of the gate because everyone was trying to help get him back.

Finally, and luckily Ginger did not leave the gate but decided to go under my husband’s car, still in the porch.

Phew….I managed to get him out with the kibble jar and brought him back into the house.

This must be his shortest escape…ever.

The longkang is no fun, eh, Ginger?

Tabs: It just isn’t fair! Every time he does something naughty, he gets a reward!!! What if I escaped one day? Will I get a reward too?

No, no, no, Tabs. You are not from around here, you won’t know how to come home! So please do not try.

It’s true. Tabs came to us in our old neighbourhood, almost exactly one month before we moved here. And she came with a red collar on too. So she was definitely a pet cat who had either (A) lost her way, (B) been left behind or (C) been abandoned. So we figured Tabs doesn’t have a very good sense of direction (like me!). And it’s true too, because she seems to have some sort of directional dyslexia (like me…omg!). She has a left-right problem. For example, she has a nightly routine on our bed, but the moment you place her in a different position, she gets all confused and cannot carry out her routine anymore, which is very unlikely and uncommon for cats!

So no, Tabs…don’t even try going out, please. We will reward you for NOT escaping, how does that sound?

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