An all-new “Surprise Me Happy Meal” for the cats this morning!

This was yesterday’s flavoured water drinking session where even Cleo came to ask for some. I’ve been having difficulties in feeding Indy ad Cleo breakfast. Cleo doesn’t seem keen on eating and Indy…well, Indy is Indy. He has to be force fed, as usual, he shows NO interest in eating and also, his regurgitation problems only happens after breakfast, twice a month. But yet, Indy loves Cindy’s baby food during the flavoured water sessions. And every time after his regurgitation, the only food he will want and can retain is Cindy’s baby food.

So it dawned on me, what if I gave Indy Cindy’s baby food for breakfast? Maybe he will eat it and maybe, just maybe, he won’t regurgitate his breakfast anymore?  Could it also be that Indy’s strange digestive system cannot digest raw food very well in the morning because of the “longer” period of having no food from last night’s dinner/supper till morning?

After all, these have been their feeding times:

7am – breakfast
11.30am – lunch
5.30pm – dinner

Then only lately, I started giving them a kibble supper snack at 8pm-9pm.  So there has always been a long gap between dinner and breakfast the next day. Maybe that long period of having no food is the cause of Indy’s regurgitation?

So anyway, this morning, I decided to give the four of them another Surprise Me Happy Meal. Tabs and Ginger got their usual raw meal since they eat first in the kitchen.

For the four of them, I mixed a whole can of Cindy’s baby food (chicken), with a bit of Coco’s and Cubgrub and half a can of Cindy’s Chicken & Salmon. All mixed, not topped with anything.

And then….voila! I present…your breakfast!!

Be my guests, be my guests,
Put my service to the test!!

Whoopee! They loved it!! Look…Indy is eating on his own, and Cleo is eating together with the rest!!

Success!! (for this morning)

In fact, Indy loved it so much he had two more helpings of the baby food and was still eating after everyone had finished!

Hopefully, he won’t regurgitate it, as I usually control his food every morning.

Will this recipe work for tomorrow…hmm, maybe but probably not! So I would have to mix it up a little and think of something else tomorrow. But meanwhile, I’ve stocked up on a variety of Monge and Cindy’s canned food. Oh, the price will be going up, did you know? Sigh…no thanks to the world condition (Ukraine and Russia, etc.).

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