How much damage can one cat do?

Yes, this orange coloured naughty destructive cat!

He sprays urine all over the house, damaging our dining chairs, stinking up the house, sprays on our curtains, sofas, chairs, kitchen top, anything made of plastic, including plastic coverings, plastic items. And it’s a daily affair. Every single day without fail. Sometimes a whole laundry load consists of items that Ginger has sprayed on…for the day!

And those anti-marking products? They only work for 1-2 days, then they don’t work anymore.

See this, Ginger? It’s all your doing too. Nobody else here except you. Tabs doesn’t spray.

And why do you have this intense need to spray urine and mark your territory when you are the only alpha-male here?

Cow Mau and Bunny don’t even come out anymore. Indy stopped coming out ever since Ginger attacked him the last time. So there’s no competition for Ginger anymore and yet he still sprays massively.

And while we are busy cleaning, he is happily grooming.

Ginger: Who? Me?