Ginger at the patio

As you know, Ginger has been massively spraying urine all over the house for a long time now and we have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, practically every single day, sometimes multiple times.

Once in a while, he will stop doing it, but it will always resume. And according to my husband, Ginger starts doing it again whenever he gives him “face” as in whenever Ginger gets more attention and pampering, he will spray even more. So his spraying isn’t an attention-seeking strategy. It looks like it’s a result of being pampered and spoilt!

Now, our house has been partially (three-quarters of it) mosquito-netted with stainless steel netting. This was done many years ago, not because of the mosquitoes, but because of Rosie, Daffodil and Mr Zurik. They became ill and had to be strictly confined indoors. So the only way was to mosquito-net (“cat-proof”) all the doors and windows where they could exit the house.

So some of the doors and windows (which lead only to the patio or the back garden where they cannot escape to the outside) have not been mosquito-netted yet.

But recently, due to some ongoing bigtime renovations, there has been many mosquitoes, so we decided to mosquito-net the rest of the windows and doors, making the whole house mosquito-proof. This time, we won’t be installing the stainless steel netting because it isn’t for cat-proofing, we would just use the fiberglass netting.

The guy who came to install it (I call him Mozzie Man) warned us that our cats would certainly tear the fiberglass netting, but we decided to just give it a try as this type is much less cumbersome compared with the stainless steel netting.

So, part of it was completed yesterday (he owes us three more pieces which will be installed by the end of this week).

But this would also mean that there is no more easy going in-out from the house to the patio for Ginger or Tabs. The patio grilles would be netted already.

Well, Tabs hardly ever goes out and Ginger spends almost all his time at the patio (coming in only to create a mess!). So, hey, we will train Ginger to live in the patio. After all, he spends almost all his time there, claims the entire patio as his “kingdom”, doesn’t like it when Indy or Cow invades his territory and he has everything he needs in the patio. He has his private cage, his blankets, a cardboard box, his basket, a deck chair, three garden chairs, a big roof over his head (in case it rains), a sheltered corner on his cage top, his own fan, fresh air, a garden view, his private sandpit, his private water bowl (no need to share with anyone), medicinal weeds (left behind by Heidi), scratching posts, Vincent’s table to lounge on, swaying palms and greenery, etc. He also has Stargate2 which is fortified, making the patio really safe. Really, it’s his kingdom and now, it can be ALL HIS.

So, training started yesterday!

He has Stargate2 where he gets an outside view.
On the right, you can see the medicinal weeds which is flourishing. They all love to eat it.

In fact, recently, he didn’t like eating with Tabs in the kitchen and I’ve had to feed him alone in the patio, so it’s just as well. Looks like he wants his private dining area too. Oh wow….

He spends most of his time here, on this blanket. He also has the deck chair and three more chairs. He sleeps on the deck chair every night.

Of course he gets to come in every day, but under strict supervision.

Here he is, just now, inside the house, but the moment I started browsing on the computer, whoosh…he was gone!! I went to look for him and guess what, he was already sniffing around upstairs!! Oh no…no, Ginger!! Down, down….

Now, since yesterday, with Ginger living in the patio, I’ve noticed the following:

(1) The house doesn’t stink anymore. I also don’t have to vacuum and mop so often (so it was always Ginger who brought in the dirt from the patio garden to the house).

(2) Tabs can enjoy our sitting at our bedroom window all morning as long as she likes, because we no longer have to close our bedroom door now. Last time, we had to get Tabs out and close the door because Ginger would go in and spray urine on my pillow or our curtains.

(3) All our sofas have been spared from urine markings. I don’t need to wipe the wooden settee and wash the cushion covers (and change them).

(4) Our old dining chairs are safe and not sprayed upon anymore. No more having to take them outside to wash and dry.

(5) Everything plastic is NOT sprayed upon anymore. Phew!

(6) Our bags are not sprayed upon anymore. Phew!

(7) I don’t have to immediately keep our folded laundry, I can leave them on the table until I go upstairs. Last time, leaving folded laundry around means inviting Ginger to spray on them. He loved spraying on our clean laundry.

(8) No more cat-yowling between Ginger and Indy at Bunny’s Grille.

(9) No more spraying on our kitchen top.

(10) We can leave fruits on the kitchen top now. Ginger used to target our papayas and pineapples (as “spray targets”).

(11) No more having to quickly close our front door or make sure Ginger doesn’t sneak out from it (he’s at the patio and cannot come in unless we let him in).

And this is just after ONE day!!

Hey Ginger! Enjoy your “tropical paradise” at the patio, okay? Do you know that some humans would actually spend all their time lounging at their patios and you get to do this now, and you will be served four meals (3 meals plus the supper snack) every day! Of course we also go out and sit with him and the good thing now is that we can pamper him without fearing he will come in and spray!

Tabs and Ginger are not the best of friends, so Tabs is okay and happy being alone in the whole house. She does ask to go out to the patio or into Bunny’s Place sometimes. Ginger used to chase Tabs and bully her too, so Tabs isn’t complaining now!

Side note: I have been cautioned by Mozzie Man that our cats will surely tear the fiberglass netting. Well, Ginger tried to scratch it yesterday. So I quickly trimmed his nails! He tried the kitchen window today too (also fiberglass, accessible from the patio). We shall see.

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