Malachy, sporo-cat – another sharing

Ms Louie Chuah is one of our applicants, and recently, we provided our neutering aid for one of her rescued cats, Malachy. Shortly after being neutered, Malachy contracted sporotrichosis.

It was Louie’s first encounter with a sporo-cat so she was very worried if she would be able to home-nurse Malachy successfully. Louie wrote to us for advice and support. Louie had problems feeding Malachy the medication too (the vet prescribed Inox – a quarter capsule per day), so I suggested the bread-pill method and thankfully that worked! Initially, Malachy had refused to eat any food which contained the medication.

Here are some of Louie’s emails to us, she has given us permission to publish them with the intention of sharing and encouraging other first-timers not to give up, no matter how difficult the going gets:

Yes, it is granules in Inox capsule. Yes I hide it in wet food, but the concern is that she doesn’t want to eat the food. She’s kind of picky even before this. And she became more picky when she’s in pain.            

Thank you Dr Chan for all the information. 
I’m so devastated upon hearing she got sporo positive. Hope I can manage well. Seeing her suffering and vomiting, I feel so helpless. I JUST CAN’T GIVE HER UP. I AM ALL SHE HAS. 
Initially I want to keep her with me after neuter, but I guess it’s still long way to go. 😔
Louie wrote every day, sometimes even a few times a day so I could see how committed she was in wanting to help Malachy. 
I’m so glad that she’s willing to eat some kibbles this morning. I guess when she start to eat she is willing to eat the wet food as well. I will try the bread later when feeding the noon med. I am heading out to buy bread now. 😄
Thank you Dr Chan. I am very thankful for all the advice given to me. Not to mentioned that I’m just one of your many aids applicants. You’re really a great person. 
And later:
I would like to ask if veterinary clinic willing to board sporo cat ? I mean normally will they considered to board this kind of cat? 
Because my parents are worried after knowing that this disease affect human as well. I am trying to find a more suitable place for her to stay. Fufu and Yanggii are at my place as well. They also expose to high risk. 
I explained to Louie that from our experience, sporo-cats do so much better when being cared for at home.
Yes I’m handling her on my own but the compartment of my house is quite small. The place where I used to isolate cats when after neuter is just beside the place my mom drying  clothes. Before her diagnosis, I will carry her to indoor because she will complain a little bit if stay in cage for too long. After her diagnosis, she basically stay in cage all day long. 
Also, Fufu always there beside Malachy since she neuter. She will stay beside her cage almost all day long. I guess she kind of sense that Malachy are sick and want to accompany her. 
According to the vet it’s not that serious, but because the wound it’s in the neck part, wearing e-collar might disturb the wound.  Currently her wound is bleeding and watering. Her leg as well, swollen and limping for no reason 5 days ago. The vet said that her leg have no wound but she’s in pain. I read through some of the sporo cat rescue story, some of them saying that once diagnosed sporo, it suddenly spread through other parts. 
The limping leg and wounded neck is at the same side of the body. Sometimes she scratch the using that limping leg, I am afraid it will affect her leg as well because there are blood coming out. But I can’t put the e-collar for her. 
May I know should I clean her wound daily using wound cleansing and gauze ? Because I afraid cleaning might cause spreading to other parts. 
As you know Malachy is basically a stray cat. It’s difficult for her to stay all day long in cage. Besides, I face hurdle in persuading my parents to keep and treat her. They think that it’s the cat fate, and think that I will eventually cure without treating. I already provide so many evidence stating that the seriousness of this sickness but they still cold towards Malachy. Last time, I used such a long time to persuade them for the TRNM for fufu and Malachy. 
Malachy became more and more fussy after her leg recovered. I put her in a 2-tier cage but she still want to come out from cage and scream non stop at night. The neighbours  are complaining at us and we felt uneasy for this situation. 
My parents suggest to release her at night and cage her during daytime. However, I know the risk of releasing her. There are fufu and yanggii out there. They might get infected as well. But I can’t ignore all the complaints that we received lately.
I’m so sorry to keep you busy with my story. Just need some advice in handling Malachy issue. Thank you. 
And later:
My house got no empty store room but currently she’s still staying in cage. She feels okay when Fufu stay beside her. I tried to keep them in distance and also calm her down but I don’t know how long it can maintain. 
Besides, can I touch Malachy without wearing gloves ? I guess Malachy miss human touch and me myself also kind of miss Malachy’ skin and fur 🤭 whenever I touch her with gloves on, she will dodge a little bit but still accept it. I tried to touch her without gloves today, she is purring all along and showing her belly. 
About a week later:
Good day to you Dr Chan. Just to update you about Malachy condition. She’s doing very fine and she’s happy now because I let her come out to play. Her wound seems doing fine and next Wednesday need to follow up at veterinary clinic. 
And the best news ever:
My parents are quite supportive lately. They both willing to touch and pet Malachy like last time. My mom hug Malachy as well 😄
The magic power of perseverance and never giving up!
And finally today!
Today Malachy follow up is so good. The vet said she fully recovered but need to have medication for one more month. Her weight also increased from 2.3kg to 2.6kg. Just now I fed her, she eat such a big big portion of wet food. 
I think after the one month medication, I will schedule Malachy and Fufu for the vaccination. May I apply for the vaccination aid? 





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