Ginger dictates terms

Cat parents = Cat slaves (no cat parent will deny this).

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.” – this is not only the AA prayer, it is also the cat parents’ prayer!!

So if you have read the previous posts, we’ve decided to train Ginger to live in the patio because of all his massive spraying inside the house. “Training” began about two days ago when our mosquito netting was installed.

“Training”? Hahaha….

So far, Ginger has “trained” us to spend time with him and sit with him every morning.

Ginger has also trained us not to put any shoes on the ground. Yes, he sprayed massively on my husband’s taiji shoes.

He seemed happy all morning and afternoon. And for his meals, he wasn’t interested to eat with Tabs in the kitchen, he wanted to dine alone at the patio.

Then, when it rained in the afternoon, Ginger demanded to come in even though the patio is totally sheltered, so of course…

Okay, as long as you don’t spray, you can stay, Ginger.

Ginger: Good human, good. 

After the rain, he asked me to let back into his kingdom. Yes, sir, sure.

Then…the nightmare started!

Ginger decided he’s had enough and he wanted back his freedom of going in and out whenever he pleases. He started scratching at this corner of the netting and yes, Mozzie Man was absolutely right, “your cats will easily tear this fiberglass netting”.

There was already a few tiny holes in the netting and in no time, it would have torn, so I quickly reprimanded Ginger but that did not work at all. Finally I had to place a few pieces of furniture to block this area. But this won’t be a permanent solution.

We are thinking of installing polycarb pieces to cover the bottom of the grilles, just as we did with the cupboards in Bunny’s room. But will we be able to do it soon enough?

Ginger: Hahahaha….

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