Ginger-proofing the patio?

This was my extremely pathetic and temporary makeshift Ginger-proofing yesterday when he started scratching at the fiberglass netting. He had already made two tiny holes with two scratches and it would have taken just minutes, perhaps, to tear it, if he had wanted to. Of course by doing this, I could not get in and out easily. I figured we should put polycarb pieces to protect the fiberglass netting at least 3-4 bars from the ground up, on the outside (Ginger’s side). We have many of these from the previous Minnie-proofing of our patio wall. Of course, if you remember, our attempts at Minnie-proofing failed miserably and she escape practically with her eyes closed.

Minnie would remain as our greatest (ever) escape artist. Without having even been to Bunny’s Place, she already knew there was a way out through our kitchen bathroom window, to Bunny’s pantry, up the water pipe (yes, she could scale that, I don’t know how!!) and then do a backward bend, latch on to the roof, and she’s out! But here’s the thing, she had NEVER been to Bunny’s Place, how would she know? But she did, and the moment she escaped through the kitchen bathroom it merely took her a few seconds to do all that, to the roof!

By the way, Minnie is so happily settled at my friend’s place with her sons. I’ll always be grateful. I get videos of them every month. Here…I snipped this from today’s video, it’s Minnie!

Our unbeatable escape artist!

Anyway, let’s get back to Ginger’s spraying. Ginger was neutered before he was one year old, while he was still a community cat at the playground under the care of his feeder. It was only after that that we moved to this neighbourhood and Ginger got bitten by Mr Quack and he came to our house to ask for help and the rest is history. When Rosie got ill, all of our CNRM cats were confined indoors, including Ginger. Ginger still did not spray urine to mark territory. He was a mild-mannered cat. It was only about two years back that Ginger decided to turn alpha and started marking everywhere in the house. Why that happened, we don’t know for sure, but perhaps it had something to do with his enmity with Indy and Cow Mau? Even though Indy and Cow are confined in Bunny’s Place, they do get to come out to the patio sometimes, so Ginger does not like this. Or, now that I recall, the spraying intensified when Minnie’s boys were born. Ginger was their mentor but he also started spraying more with them around. Once the habit is formed, I guess it’s very hard to change it.

I don’t know why, but most of our male cats are alpha-cats. Let’s see…Cow Mau, Bunny, Indy are all alpha (and yes, they spray). Tiger didn’t spray much because he was so mild-mannered. Vincent and Mr Zurik also sprayed until they got sick (then the spraying stopped). So perhaps when they are well and confident (and alpha), they will spray. I should worry when they stop spraying, right?  That means they are no longer alpha and confident and could be feeling ill.

And contrary to what some people believe, neutering need not necessarily stop a cat from spraying to mark territory. Cow Mau and Bunny were neutered before they turned one year old. Indy too. They only started spraying when I rescued new cats. So it was a case of being in a multi-cat household and having to assert one’s alphaness.

Here’s hubby taking down one of Minnie’s many polycarb pieces.

I hope this will work.

Oh by the way, could I continue with the benefits of Ginger living at the patio? We listed 11 benefits yesterday. Allow me to continue, please…

(12) The poor piano is no longer sprayed on. It has enough stains as it is.

(13) Our stationary bike is no longer sprayed on too. The poor vehicle is rusted at certain parts because of Ginger’s spraying.

So, here’s our makeshift (also temporary) Ginger-proofing of the fiberglass netting because hubby has to rush to work today. We just took down a piece of Minnie’s polycarb, cut it into size and used cable ties to temporarily tie them up to block Ginger from scratching the fiberglass netting.

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