Another Surprise Me Happy Meal (all raw!)

I have not given up my efforts to convert everyone back to 100% raw.

Back story: Bunny had constipation while on 100% raw so I had to give him some “junk” (canned and kibble). Did it work? Oh yes, it did! It really did bulk up his stool and now, I don’t have to do the Scratch3x song or take him to his special spot to stimulate defecation. He does it all by himself and I just have to go faeces-hunting in the back garden every few hours (for my recording). But to be fair, Bunny’s constipation could very well be due to old age too, but after I gave him some “junk”, the defecation really improved. However, Tabs is on 100% Cubgrub and she doesn’t have any constipation problem. It’s just that she defecates once every few days (which is typical of cats on 100% raw diet if the raw diet doesn’t contain fiber). One also needs to differentiate between constipation and non-daily defecation. Bunny has constipation, as determined by the vet and he has needed enemas and even manual evacuation before when he was blocked. Now, he is on Cisapride and Lactulose, probably for life, to help with the motility of the intestines.

So…when Bunny got “junk”, it goes without saying that EVERYBODY demanded for it too. Of course. So, everybody had some as well. And also, I was having problems getting Ginger and Indy to eat. They both got tired of raw food and wanted something more tasty. Hence, I started introducing Surprise Me toppings (consisting of raw treats, canned food, kibble, anything “new” just to attract them to eat).

Well, this morning’s treat was….Primal Freeze-Dried!!

Primal has been out of stock for some time during the pandemic but it’s finally in stock again now.

Primal was Tabs’ No. 1 favourite food. She just loves it so much.

I had to acclimatise everyone to Primal again so yesterday, I started giving them Primal “powder” as toppings. Previously I know most of them preferred Primal dry. But it’s supposed to be rehydrated. But being a fresh packet, yesterday, the Primal nuggets appeared to be a bit too hard, especially for Cow Mau, so I added water and they all ate it….everyone was surprised and happy. Well, except Indy. Indy wanted it dry.

Last night, I decided to rehydrate the Primal nuggets in preparation for this morning’s breakfast.

So, did it work? Rehydrated Primal (as it should be consumed, with water).

YES, it did! For everyone, except Indy.

This morning’s Surprise Me Happy Meal was a mixture of Cubgrub, Coco&Joe’s and rehydrated Primal nuggets. I mixed them all up. After one-and-a-half years of eating only Coco’s (three flavours) and Cubgrub Chicken, they kind of got tired of the “same” food, so luckily Primal came to the rescue! Otherwise, I was on the verge of just giving in to them and giving them canned food, just so that they would eat! Now no, not giving in to their demands. It’s back to all raw again, but a mixture of three raw brands (please see footnote at the end of this post).

Ginger loved it! Ate more than his normal amount.

Tabs, of course! It’s her No. 1 favourite food. She had three helpings!

Bunny loved it lots! Cow Mau too because the rehydrated Primal is no longer too hard for him. Both ate additional helpings.

Cleo had two helpings too. It’s rare for Cleo to ask for more food as she isn’t too interested in food, in general. I used to wonder how Cleo survived all those years when I didn’t have that much time to monitor their eating (when I was working and had limited time). She ate so little.

Only Indy wasn’t interested because the Primal wasn’t dry. But after everyone had finished and I had force fed him his usual force-fed Coco&Joe’s, he willingly ate rehydrated Primal as well.

So, that makes this meal a 100% success!!

For lunch, they had the same thing and I had the same result as well – everyone ate heartily with the exception of Mr Indy Jones who was force fed (why he loves being force fed, I don’t know!).

I know it’s that surprise element that works so I would have to keep changing the surprise element with different types of food, but the staple/base is still raw – Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s. I might even add Primal into the staple recipe. Talk about being kiasu – three different types of raw food as the staple diet!!

P.S. Please don’t follow what I do…you should just keep to one type. I only have to do this because my cats are SO fussy!!

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