Breaking news!!!!!!!

Berita hangat!!!!

After months of not sitting in his chair because it was taken over by Indy, this morning, for the first time in MONTHS…

…Bunny went back to his chair!!

As you can see, we even installed a makeshift “roof” for Bunny because last time, this chair was his only safe place. And if it rained heavily, the rain leaks through at the side, so we made this roof for him.

But Indy took over the chair and Bunny had no way of getting it back. That was months ago. So Bunny actually had no more safe place – those were difficult times for us. We tried all kinds of things in the room and the pantry – cardboard boxes, baskets, trays, mats, blankets, but Bunny did not feel secure in any of them. He just went out to the Blue House in Ginger’s Patio, but when it rained, that was also a problem.

Then finally, Bunny “found” Tab’s litter box in the kitchen bathroom and he decided he wanted a litter box with the litter still inside! So I bought litter boxes and kept them in the room and voila – Bunny went for them! From one litter box, it became three because Cow also wanted his litter box beside Bunny.

Later, Bunny migrated to the apartments and took a tray at the ground floor. He was very happy there.

Today, Bunny took back his chair!!!

Wow!! We can make a series out of this, with sequels!

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