Brotherhood (He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother) – an album

I’ve compiled some brotherhood photos here, some past, some today’s.

The cat brothers:

Cow Mau gets the Brother-of-the-Year Award hands-down. He has always looked after Bunny and Pole, but especially Bunny who has been moong-char-char right from their childhood days!

It is always Cow who chooses to sit near Bunny, never the other way around.

The human brothers:

Ryan is a naturally loving brother. Whenever Jayden cries, he will call the parents and quickly bring his favourite toy cars to give to Jayden, to pacify him. Ryan shares all his toys with Jayden.

Ryan is, without a doubt, Jayden’s hero!

Ryan: He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!

Bonding of the brothers!