The surprise element in the Surprise Me Happy Meals for extremely fussy and demanding cats

Wow, what a long title that was!!

So, the Surprise Me Happy Meals concept started because:

(1) Bunny needed some “junk” to bulk up his stools for this constipation problem.

(2) Indy has been going on hunger strike because he is bored with the meals. I force feed him 75% of the time and he loves it!

(3) Cleo…well, she has always had eating issues and she eats anorexic meals.

(4) Ginger is plainly demanding and fussy and demands for variety.

This leaves only Cow Mau and Tabs who are all compliant at meal times. But wait, Cow Mau also had his mouth problem, but he still continued to eat. What a good cat! Tabs is not fussy, she’s okay.

So, I’ve been varying the surprise element in the Surprise Me Happy Meals ever since we started doing this. Because of the demanding nature of people like Indy and Ginger, a new “surprise” only works for 1-2 meals, then it has to be changed. Well, of course, right, otherwise, why call it a “surprise” element. Duhh…

The thing with surprises it that I don’t need surprises in life. In fact, I’m the total opposite. I like everything to be predictable (but that’s foolish because nothing is predictable in life). Still, for example, when I watch a movie, before I do it, I will (a) google for the ending because I don’t like shocks and surprises, or (b) read the book to find out the ending (in the days before the internet) or (c) ask anyone who has watched it to tell me the ending! Well, that’s just me. I don’t like shocks and surprises.

So anyway, getting back to their meals, Yui Ping (my son-in-law) passed me 5 cans of Brit renal canned food yesterday, so this morning, that was the surprise element. I was a little unsure because the last time I tried it was after Cleo had her dental and she did not like it at all.

But here’s how it went today: I only gave a spoonful each to Tabs and Ginger since it’s renal food. Both of them liked it. Then, the real acid test was on Bunny and gang:

The verdict: They LOVED it!

Cleo jumped onto the counter to get the first taste (that is rare, normally she will run off to the furthest end to mooch around before coming back at mid-meal or after everyone has finished, she is so nonchalant about food, like, “Oh, eat? Do I have to?”). Indy actually ate by himself (someone buy me a lottery ticket, please!). Bunny did not walk away to look at me to ask for something new (he started getting very fussy lately but before this, all his life, Bunny ate anything and most heartily too). Cow Mau, well, he’s the most compliant when it comes to eating (“I will eat whatever is served, I’m okay, I know some cats outside don’t even get any food, so I’m grateful.”)

This is the Brit renal diet:

But then again, when will the novelty effect wear off? Well, I’d say, maybe I can try at lunch time again, and once this can finishes, I had better give it a break first, move on to other surprise elements, then only come back to this.

I mixed the Brit with their staple Cubgrub and Coco’s. All sapu habis, nothing was left behind.


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