Vaccination aid for 2 cats in Klang (Siti Nur Alisyah bt Mohamad Azlan’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM50 for the vaccinations of these 2 cats, Abulu and Ireng.

Updates on previous cats are below.

I am Alisyah, I found one male cat and one female cat around the restaurant at Bandar Putera, Klang. I picked them up and bring them home. I sent them for vaccination and plan to send them for vaccinations.
for a long-term plan,  I will give my best effort to care for them , wishing they live in a healthy and positive environment. I will continue to shelter them and provide the best and most premium food for them.
Previous cats:

This is the latest medication record for my pets. I only send them for one-time vaccination to be neutered due to my financial strain. My goal is to continue to revaccinate them when my job is stable due to pandemic conditions. Regardless of what happened, I still allocated my money for their medication, send them to the vet if they have a fever, and give them the premium food without colorings I also provide them with love and the best surroundings. I apologize if my application is incomplete here and there. i really appreciate your sincere attention to this matter.

best regards,


We have advised Puan Siti to please follow the vaccination schedule for the cats as “revaccinating” them later does not serve the purpose of creating the immunity for the cats. We hope she will consider this.

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