Feeding the cats while carrying a baby

The greatest daily challenge is having to feed our six geriatric and extremely fussy cats while carrying Jayden. I’ve tried to time Jayden to take a nap nearing the cats’ feeding time, but it is often unsuccessful. Jayden sometimes just power naps for 5 mins and that’s that. And when he is up, he wants attention all the time. Otherwise, he screams until he is red in the face.

And the cats have to be fed on time, otherwise they go on a hunger strike and get gastric problems later.

Or is everyone just bullying me?

So today, for the cat’s dinner, Jayden wasn’t asleep. He had been asking to be carried all afternoon, actually.

The only way to feed the cats then, is to use the carrier and strap Jayden up.

Sometimes, Jayden doesn’t like to be in the carrier. Even if he does, it won’t be long before he asks to be let free. When he was a bit younger, he even fell asleep while being in the carrier!

Today, I hoped Jayden can give me enough time to feed all six of the cats.

To make it easier for myself, I “cheated” and decided to give everyone tasty canned food. This will ensure they eat and hopefully, quickly too. If it’s their staple raw food, I would have problems with Ginger, Indy and Bunny and that’s already half of them. They are not crazy about raw food and would need enticing and a lot of coaxing. Indy would need to be force fed too and that’s one thing I won’t attempt to do with Jayden in the carrier.

Cats know the time. Everyone’s waiting at Bunny’s Place. How do you say “no, please wait” to these faces?


Only Tabs was taking a nap very comfortably, quite unaware that it was dinner time.

So, with Jayden strapped in the carrier, we started dinner in the kitchen with Tabs and Ginger.

Ginger was definitely happy with the “cheat meal” of canned food. Tabs was rather surprised, “Where is my healthy raw food?” I’ll give you later, as supper, Tabs. On hindsight, I should have just given Tabs her raw food since she doesn’t need any enticement to eat it.

Okay, Jayden hasn’t started complaining yet. Phew…

But honestly, Jayden, wouldn’t it be more comfortable lying in the cot than being strapped up like this? Well, try putting him down in the cot and see? I think the whole neighbourhood would start reporting to the police for “child abuse” if they heard his screams.

Okay, Ginger and Tabs have finished eating. Yay.

Next…Bunny’s Place.

I managed to dish out everyone’s food and place the bowls down for everyone. It’s not easy having a baby strapped to you in front. While you have both your hands free, the baby is right in front so that takes up quite a bit of space. And bending down is difficult. I also have bad knees so squatting is out of the question for me.

Still no complaints yet. Phew!

Indy has finished and is asking for seconds and thirds. Yes, because it’s tasty canned food, that is why.

Oh good, everyone is finishing. Once everyone starts to eat, half the battle is won. Even if Jayden cries and demands to be let out, at least I’ve already got everyone eating.

Okay, we finished two cans, shared by four of them. There will be supper later. With Jayden here, the cats have four meals. Supper is to ensure that whoever is still hungry gets enough food before the day ends.

Bunny takes a long time to eat nowadays, so we wait.

Believe it or not, Jayden even allowed me to wash up all the bowls!

We are done!

Okay, now I’m all yours, Jayden. Good boy!

The cats are all fed for now. At least nobody is hungry and no one will go on hunger strike, no one will get gastric pains, I won’t have to take anyone to the vet because of gastric problems. Phew!

Not easy….

Today’s is what I would call an extremely successful cat feeding session with baby Jayden. Yay!

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