Cow’s seizures

Cow Mau had been seizure-free for a month until yesterday.

Just when I was about to serve lunch, he suddenly flipped on his back and sprayed urine. It lasted about 2-3 seconds. Then, he got up and ate his lunch heartily.

I quickly contacted the vet to see if Cow needed to be brought in for further investigation. If you remember, the vet said to try Advocate spot-on first. I did this and the seizures had stopped.

I just applied the second spot-on two days earlier, and the seizure happened again.

The vet said since it is only one episode, further investigation isn’t necessary yet. Instead of a one-month interval, I should do a 4-week interval for the spot-on and continue monitoring his seizure frequency.

I suspect Cow Mau has had seizures a few days prior to this too because I did find urine stains on the floor but I did not witness it.

But he did not throw one today.

Let’s hope the Advocate spot-on continues to work though the difference between one month and 4 weeks is all but 2-3 days. Will it make any difference, I wonder.


…our demanding boss, Ginger, is taking long afternoon naps now, which is good, because sleep is always good for recuperation. I hope the inflammation subsides soon and he is able to urinate naturally. The patio grille and wide open (for free access into the house) but see what I mean? He prefers his patio!