Ginger’s 4pm emergency trip to the vet’s again

I was monitoring Ginger like a hawk all afternoon.

He got everything that he wanted. I sat with him at the patio.

I sat with him on the sofa.

By the way, that’s his wart, which is harmless.

He seemed very relaxed and was no longer straining to urinate. But he still hadn’t urinated for the day and the vet this morning sat he should urinate today.

At 4pm, he went to the patio and squatted, but no urine came out.

That’s it. I’m taking him back to the vet since it’s open today, until 6pm. It’s the same clinic as this morning’s.

But I was alone at home and had absolutely no idea how to get to this clinic. Firstly, I wasn’t quite paying attention this morning when hubby drove us there. Secondly and more importantly, I suffer from directional dyslexia, which means, I’m extremely hopeless with directions. I don’t know my left from my right and I always forget directions even if I’ve been to the place many times. And I actually have not been to this clinic for a few years now.

But hang on, there’s Waze, right?  I can depend on Waze, can’t I?

So I packed Ginger into the carrier and off we went. Just before heading to the main road, I stopped the car to turn on Waze, entered the destination and started driving to let it load.

Well, what do you know? Waze decided to pull a fast one on me today. It decided to konk. Kept saying I had no GPS on. What?? Sigh…I had no idea how to get to the New Pantai Expressway. I knew the general direction, but didn’t know how to get there. So I stopped the car and tried Google Maps and what do you know? It konked too!!


Now I have to totally rely on my spatial intelligence of which I have none!! And it doesn’t help too that Malaysian road signboards leave much to be desired.

But get this…we got there. Yes, we actually got there by sheer determination, desperation and lots of luck.

There were people queuing up outside the clinic. Oh dear….

I managed to register and explained to the front desk assistant that Ginger was here this morning for emergency but he still has not urinated, so I think he needs to see the vet again. The assistant said there were 25 people ahead of us, but since Ginger had this problem, she said she would take Ginger in to see a vet just to check the size of his bladder and see if an emergency (or jumping the queue) is warranted.

That sounded fair to me.

So Ginger was brought in, without me, to see a vet. I managed to see the goings-on from where I was. The vet took Ginger out, placed her hand on his abdomen and said something to the assistant. The assistant came out and said, “Bladder still small, so you will have to wait.”

Okay, at least I’m relieved his bladder is still small. How long would I have to wait, I asked. At least 2 hours, was the answer.

But would it be wise to wait for 2 hours (or more) with Ginger in the carrier? What if he wanted to urinate? Wouldn’t this make it worse? Any added stress would definitely make things worse for him in his condition. So I decided we will go home and should we require any emergency service tonight, we would come again…for an emergency.

Now, how to get home? So I texted my hubby to ask for written (text) directions. He replied but thanks to typos, I couldn’t quite make out the instructions.

Tried Waze – it still hated me. Not working.

So I tried…and yes, we got home without getting lost. Getting home is always easier because you could just look for signboards that say Shah Alam or Klang or even Subang Jaya (if you are lucky), and you will probably get home. It’s getting to a new place that’s difficult because you don’t know what to look for in the signboards.

But make no mistake, friends, directional dyslexia is real. Some who suffer from it cannot even find their own bedroom in their house. Not joking. Once I was at a vet clinic in PJ trying to get back home, I landed up in Selayang and had a fright of my life.

Once we got home, I let Ginger out and thought I should check the newspapers in the carrier.

Hmm..that’s definitely a wet patch, isn’t it? Looks like urine, doesn’t it? I smelled it, it did not smell like urine, but it sure looked like urine. Ginger was busily scratching at the newspapers on the way back.

Ginger: If you want me to be well, let me go out to the longkang.

For dinner, Ginger decided to play hard to get. He refused his raw food. Fine, so I gave him canned food. Then, he refused to eat in the kitchen. So I had to serve him outside at HIS patio. Only then did he eat. But I also quietly added water to the canned food, which he licked up! I was so sure he would know and walk off, but he did not. Yay.

Okay, Ginger, you get whatever you want today because you are sick.

But just get well soon, will you, please?

We shall discuss your rights and liberties tomorrow, okay?

I hope there won’t be a third emergency trip tonight!

To pee or not to pee:  (about FIC)

I had thought I’d have a nice relaxing day today, a day off from babysitting, but I ended up having a crazy Ginger-sitting day instead! The Universe thinks I need challenges in life – perhaps it is right!

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