Operasi Kencing for Ginger

I’ve been reading up on Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, which is what Ginger has. There are lots of suggestions on what we can do to reduce the stress that our cats may be facing and also to get them to drink more water.

I’m doing these right now.

I bought this last time for Pole and the Cow Clan, but none of them were interested in it. Luckily it still works. Of course Ginger isn’t interested…yet.

My friend, Emma, gave me this idea – use Feliway to help Ginger de-stress. Again, I have two of these diffusers and one bottle with the liquid, but am not sure if it still works.

I also have the spray.

So far, Ginger is still squatting, but there is a tiny bit of urine. The first patch was pinkish.

This was at 8.08pm.

At 8.29pm.

But he has also been squatting in the soil at the patio, so that’s hard to gauge. From his demeanour, I think he should be getting better. I hope I’m right.


Before we slept, I sprayed a little bit of Feliway around the patio. He has always slept in the patio (this is not something new), so we let him sleep there again tonight.

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