Ginger’s Operasi Kencing Day 3 – the magic happened!

Last night, Ginger spent all evening with us until we went to bed and he went back out to his patio kingdom (which has been the norm for many months now).

Ginger seemed extremely happy after the visit to the vet yesterday, even with the second visit (where we failed to draw his urine). We think he’s a hypochondriac! And of course, he just loves attention. The vet praised him a lot for being a good cat, so I guess that really made his day!

I still did not see any urine last night.

This morning, I let Ginger into the house. He came in, surveyed all over and I followed him. He even went to survey the bathroom but didn’t attempt to urinate in Tabs’ litter box. I checked his litter box outside (newly set up for him) – there was nothing. But there were well-formed stools in his sandpit. It’s difficult to check if there is any wet patch in the sandpit, though. The vet had asked me to check that he is defecating daily too.

Then, the magic happened at 4.29am. Ginger went to squat in Tabs’ litter box and….

…the produced his much urine without straining!!

We made it, Ginger!! Well done!!!

Good boy, Ginger, good boy!!

So, what made that happen? Haha…it could be so many things. I do wonder, would it have happened anyway if I had just waited patiently for the medication to work or did it happen because of yesterday’s check-up, the increase in the dosage of Prazosin, the antibiotic jab and the change in diet (which I was all game for)? It doesn’t matter and I certainly do not regret having made that check-up yesterday, not in the least, because we managed to detect the gallbladder sludge as well as the possible “stone” in his bladder which we are now addressing with medication and the diet change.

I would still need to collect his urine and send it to the clinic for the urinalysis – this would confirm or rule out the presence of crystals and/or stones.

The thing is, from my previous experience with Bunny when he had the FLUTD twice in recent times, Bunny would recover in a matter of hours after one visit to our regular clinic. I wish our regular clinic would start emergency services one day so that we don’t have to go to other clinics!

Ginger would still need follow-up, of course. But I’m so relieved that we now see some light at the end of the tunnel!!

Thank you to all friends, for your moral support for Ginger and me!

Now we shall still have to figure out if Ginger should continue being trained to spend more time at the patio (with supervised visits into the house) or he gets back his free access (and sprays wherever and whenever he wishes – sigh), or will Feliway do its magic and stop all the spraying?

But hey, did Feliway play a role in reducing Ginger’s stress and curing his FIC? For all you know, perhaps Feliway did the trick?? We will never know.

Now, let’s see if Ginger is still willing to eat the Hills’ CD this morning!

He did! Very heartily too.

Now that Ginger is back into the house more, the war cries with Indy has resumed. Indy has also resumed spraying more in Bunny’s Room (all this stopped when Ginger was confined to the patio). Hmm….a price to pay, I know.

And I have to keep the patio grille open for Ginger’s free access so mosquitoes have come into the house now. We’ve had several dengue outbreaks recently in our area, hence, the mosquito netting.

If only I could find a way to stop or even reduce Ginger’s tendency to spray and instigate war cry fights with Indy, that would be golden.

Well, one can dream, can’t one?