We are 13 years old today!

The day we started, 13 years ago:

The first donors came from the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association.
Thank you very much, Bro Chim Siew Choon, for allowing us to do our first fundraising and awareness campaign at the SJBA!

We will always be ever grateful to everyone who has supported us through the years and still continue supporting us today.

A short walk down memory lane…

Our logo was designed by Kit and many of the tshirt designed by friends through the years. Tshirts were our first source of donations and there were many friends and volunteers who helped at events.

In the early years, we did a bit of rescue work too.

Bottom right, above and below: The 4 teenagers who scaled Mount Kinabalu to raise funds for us, and their parents who supported them!

Mabel, Marco, Hillary and Bryan

Jon Tham’s cycling feats and marathons to raise funds for us!

Thank you very much to all dear friends who volunteered at events.

Grateful thanks to Rev Saranankara who advised me to start a fund if I wish to encourage people to neuter street animals. I had only just wanted to do the educational part, but based on his experience in running charities in Malaysia, he told me it would be more effective if I started a fund. So it was actually his idea!

From tshirts, we moved on to e-auctioning of homesewn products, thanks to my mum’s interest in sewing and needlework, which I too learnt because of AnimalCare! Thank you for participating in all our crazy e-auctions!! They were so good while they lasted and we raised a lot of funds.

We are also absolutely grateful to our “invisible” supporters, ie. those who have supported us through the years not at events, but silently, some whom I have not even had the privilege of meeting after all these years. And especially those who have remained supportive through thick and thin, even during my cyclical depths of depression where I know I am a totally miserable soul with barely any interest left in life. I am very thankful to all of you.

We are also very grateful to the companies who have supported us by offering merchandise for us to sell, particularly Avant Pet, Ecopet and Orifera. Also, our utmost gratitude to Avant Pet and Ecopet for making free deliveries for our petfood donation to shelters.

Not forgetting too, the two persons who continue to support and sponsor this blog and the website name, Huey and Wah. Thank you so, so much! If not for your help, we wouldn’t have been able to reach out to so many people and their animals!

And last but not least, the four persons who inspired me to start AnimalCare:

Thank you, all!

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