Eating stories from the Cow Clan

So, what is the Cow Clan eating these days?

Well, it isn’t as straight-forward as Tabs and Ginger.

Tabs is obediently on her Cubgrub topped with some Coco’s for different proteins. Ginger is currently on Hill’s CD (I would have to consult the vet on the duration). Otherwise, Ginger eats Coco’s topped with a variety of enticements.

But over at Bunny’s Place, itu sangat susah…

It all started with Bunny’s constipation problem where he needed some “junk” to create bulk in his stools so that it could be passed out. Previously, everyone was on 100% raw although Indy had long grown tired of the healthy diet.

So once Bunny had tasty food, naturally everyone wanted it too.

So, meal times became very eclectic and quite chaotic too. I started the Surprise Me Happy Meals where they were given different toppings at every meal.

I wanted to convert everyone back to 100% raw, actually, but it has not been exactly easy. So my other option now is to try and get Bunny and Cleo to go on Brit Renal since both are kidney patients. Bunny seems keen already. But Cleo is a different story.

As for Cow Mau, he can go back to 100% raw with some surprises now and then.

And Indy? Well, Indy has been having this morning regurgitation problem for a very long time now where he would regurgitate his entire breakfast, then ask for Cindy’s baby food. Brit Renal’s ingredients are hydrolysed proteins and this could actually be good for Indy’s sensitive digestive system, so I have been giving this to Indy as well, and so far, I have not seen any regurgitation episode. Also, at least Indy is willing to eat it by himself instead of me having to force feed him like last time.

So, Brit Renal has been pretty good for the Cow Clan thus far.

But the best news is that ever since Bunny had a change of diet, I’ve no longer had to stimulate him to defecate. He does it himself.

Look at yesterday’s poo:

Haha…only pet-parents would appreciate why I take photos of pee and poo and create an album for them!

But here are the supplements/medication for the Cow Clan and Ginger:

Bunny (constipation, eyes, kidneys)
Cisapride (before breakfast)
Gentle Digest, Maximum Ophtal (with meals)
Lactulose (after breakfast, before dinner)
Flavoured water
Subcut (3 times a week)

Cleo (kidneys)
Renal-N and Amlodipine (with meals)
Subcut (3 times a week)

Cow Mau (for his seizures)
Vetri DMG (a friend shared that it might help with his seizures)
Advocate spot-on every month (vet’s prescription for his seizures)

(nothing for now)

Ginger (only temporarily for his FIC)
Prazosin (twice a day)
Metacam syrup
Ursofalk (to dissolve the sludge in his gallbladder)

(nothing yet)



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