Ryan’s attempts at making friends with Cleo

One of the best traits I’ve seen in Ryan and I’m talking about a 2.5-year old toddler here, is his persistence and never-give-up attitude.

He made friends with Cow Mau by giving him presents each time he visited and now Cow Mau is already Ryan’s friend. So Ryan has made friends with all our cats except the most stubborn and mightier-than-thou one, the Queen.

She has even bitten Ryan twice, but the boy is unperturbed. Every single time he comes, he goes straight to Bunny’s Room and gives Cleo a present. So, Cleo has received toy cars, remote controls, nuts, memory cards, etc.

Yesterday, Ryan received a new toy car which he was very interested in. But what did he do the moment he opened the present? He went straight to the cats’ room and gifted it to Cleo!

When is this mighty queen going to soften? Sigh…

And yet, Ryan is not put off. He will keep trying!

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