Who is the fussiest cat now?

You’ll never guess…

Yes, it’s Bunny.

Bunny had always been our easiest-to-feed cat. He practically ate everything and anything you lay before him.

But change happens, doesn’t it? Now, Bunny is our utmost fussiest cat and the most difficult to feed (because it’s hard to gauge just what he wants).

He used to love his flavoured water (Cindy’s baby food with hot water), but now he isn’t interested anymore. He used to love his raw food too, but he doesn’t want it. When I first introduced Brit Renal canned food to him, he loved it too (which is good), but very quickly, the interest waned. He’s not even interested in the Surprise Me Happy Meals anymore too. And Bunny will go on a hunger strike if I do not give him what he wants.

So now, what does Bunny want?

For now, he seems to be only willing to eat RC renal kibble. But it’s dry food, and Bunny is a kidney patient and needs water in his food. So I have now resorted to adding water to his renal kibble. Luckily he did not reject it. I started by adding just a tiny bit of water. Very slowly, I began to increase the water to a reasonable amount.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that Bunny, of all our cats, would become such a fussy and picky eater, but it happened.

But one thing good has come out of my trials in introducing so many different types of foods to the cats, Indy seems to have stopped (fingers crossed) his breakfast regurgitation. Previously when Indy was on 100% raw food, it happened very often. So I think Indy’s digestive system probably cannot handle raw food in the morning, maybe he has to eat cooked food. And Indy eats by himself now, there’s no need to force feed him anymore.

So while raw food boasts of having natural enzymes to aid digestion, sometimes you get a weird cat with a weird digestive system, and you would just have to find ways to address all the weird problems!

Indy: Who are you calling weird?

Cow Mau is still his usual obliging self when it comes to eating.

Cleo is also her usual self, eating anorexic meals, but once in a while, she would go crazy over a certain type of food, that’s when I will pile her bowl with as much as she can possibly eat.

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