Bunny eats

I’m so glad Bunny ate his steamed chicken (with soup) heartily and actually wanted more, but I know he should only take small and simple meals until the diarrhoea is resolved.

I did not give him the Cisapride, Lactulose or his probiotic, Gentle Digest, this morning; only his eye supplement, Maximus Ophtal, especially when he got his eye injured yesterday.

Cow Mau dutifully ate his meal of pure Cubgrub without any complaints or demands.

I think with Bunny’s sudden diarrhoea yesterday, I’m a little scared of mixing foods now. Maybe I should just stick to one type of food for each meal. Previously, they were on 100% raw and nothing else. But there were so many problems with Indy, Cleo, Ginger and then, Bunny, so I started mixing because I had to get them to eat. Maybe that wasn’t wise. I know mixing foods can cause stomach upset because, again, sorry for repeating this umpteen times, but there may be new readers to the blog: Raw is supposed to be most easily digested because it has natural enzymes. Next comes cooked food or canned foods (cooking destroys some natural enzymes so the digestion has to work a bit). Lastly, it’s kibble because it has carbohydrates and cats do not digest carbs well. So I should not mix.

But yes, Indy would beg to differ, but then again, Indy is weird and his whole digestive system is equally weird.

Having said all of the above, a vet who is very much into studying nutrition told me that while raw food is good and supposed to be the best food for obligate carnivores like cats, some cats might do better on cooked food. She only uses kibble as an occasional treat and never as a main meal. Hence, I coined the term “Twisties” for cat kibble!

Cleo refused to eat Cubgrub and decided to hide and go on a hunger strike. Sigh…What does Her Royal Highness wants to eat?

Bunny, I hope your eye will be okay. With my totally untrained eye, at least he let me examine his eye and I didn’t see any ulcer (which is normally a white spot or line). I didn’t dare touch his eye yesterday as it looked bad. But today, it looks much better. Still, I’m not a vet so what do I know?

It’s the right eye which could not open yesterday. The left is tearing, but that’s his “already bad” eye and this eye normally doesn’t get infected. It’s always the right one, which is his good eye.

I tried my luck and offered this Anorexic Queen some raw chicken meat. She still ran away not knowing what it was, but finally ate most heartily.

She ate a lot. Well, at least she ate something.

What’s with you, Indy? Still refusing to get up.

Indy: It’s only 5am, for goodness’ sake. A cat needs his beauty sleep. Come back later.

Tabs ate her Cubgrub topped with raw chicken meat. Tabs simply MUST have raw chicken meat whenever she smells it. It’s her favourite snack.

Ginger was his usual picky and demanding self. He would only eat the Hill’s CD (it’s to address his bladder problem) when it’s freshly opened, not when it’s been in the fridge. Sigh.. So he had some raw chicken meat which he also loves and I force fed him the CD.  Normally Ginger will refuse to eat his raw food unless it’s topped with some kibble.

Aren’t we cat slaves?

Do you cats know that street cats sometimes have no food to eat?? And have to scavenge for food?

But then again, for all you know, cats could be happier when they have to scavenge for food, right? Why are we humans interfering with their natural instincts? Oh well…let’s not get into that, shall we?

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