Indy, Bunny and Ginger to the vet’s!

I took all three of them to the vet’s today…alone.

Ginger was for his check-up because he has finished all his medication. Bunny was for the eye that suddenly could not open but seemed okay now. Still, I did not want to take any risks because the last time I did, I applied the eyedrop without sending Bunny for a check-up and the eye became worse because it had got infected. As for Indy, he seemed better this morning, and just like Bunny, I did not want to risk it in case it is something more serious. Indy was still limping. Better be safe than sorry.

So, Ginger was checked first. He had also urinated quite a lot in the carrier so the vet was able to syringe up enough urine for the urinalysis.

A very thorough ultrasound was done and the results were all good.

The gallbladder sludge is completely gone! Just as the vet had said, Ursofalk works! Ginger’s bladder is also back to normal now. No crystals or stones detected, just some sediment. But the urinalysis would be more accurate for this purpose, so we waited for that. Both of Ginger’s kidneys appear normal now. Whatever that was going on earlier had resolved itself. That’s really good news.

Later the urinalysis results was very good too. No protein loss. Urine SG was 1.046 (which is good). And best of all, there are no crystals or stones. So Ginger was given a clean bill of health. He does not need to be on the CD diet, but no harm giving it to him for a treat every now and then. Ginger would benefit from taking UTI-Oxi 3 times a week even though this episode of FLUTD was a one-0ff thing due to stress (yes, stress because I locked him in the cage for a few hours!).

The only other thing I could do for Ginger would be to get him to lose some weight!! Well, that would have to come from exercise because Ginger actually does not each much. Tabs eats more than Ginger!

I think Ginger’s good results is most likely because of his raw diet.

Also, I must add and this is very important that I should not have sprayed Feliway on Ginger’s fur. Feliway is only meant for carriers, furniture and the air. Sorry about this, I must have heard wrongly from somewhere.


Bunny has conjunctivitis and there is a small scratch on his lower eyelid (right eye). I don’t know how he got that, though. The vet also noticed that Bunny’s left eye has some yellow discharge, so I should apply the Nicol eyedrops on both eyes. For the right eye, it would be for 14 days. Bunny will also be on Beazyme for 5 days. Best to put on the e-collar in case he scratches his own eye. The vet trimmed Bunny’s right claws (front paw). It is also confirmed that Bunny has very little vision left in both eyes now. So, Bunny is blind. Still, he knows his way around very well.

Last but not least…Indy.

Indy has a puncture wound on the base of his left paw that got infected and already has pus in it, but it burst. I wonder when that started. The vet said sometimes it could be acute, that means it could have just happened (probably that night when there was the war cry?), and it got infected quickly, developed pus and burst. Well, luckily it had burst, otherwise, it would go inwards and that would have been very serious.

So Indy was shaven around the wound (he protested until the assistants have to cover him with a towel – that did not work, so they have to put the e-collar on him). The wound was cleaned with Chlorohexidine, the pus squeezed out and Fucidin was applied on it. I should continue doing this until it heals. Indy was put on Marbofloxacin (antibiotics) – this was at my request, instead of Baytril because Indy had a serious allergy to oral Baytril when he was 3 years old. He will also be on Beazyme for 5 days. And instead of the transdermal Tramadol, Indy will be on the Tramadol tablet (which works faster). Indy was also given the Metacam (anti-inflammatory) and Fentanyl (painkiller) injections.

The vet advised that Indy should not be allowed to step on soil because it is an open wound and it could get reinfected with fungus. Indy would do well being on the e-collar as well so that he won’t lick the wound. Indy was dewormed.

I’d have to figure out how to confine Indy indoors. But smart fella that he is, he already stayed indoors all of yesterday.

Cats are just so smart, aren’t they?

So, we came home. Phew….we made it, all four of us!!

Cow Mau and Cleo greeted Bunny and Indy at the grille. Ginger went back to his patio first. Tabs was waiting patiently for her lunch.

Lots of work to do in the next two weeks, but so relieved it isn’t anything very serious.

Hey you, no spraying, okay? And lose some weight….!!

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