Why Indy slept on the pillow at the apartment

I thought it was because Indy wanted to migrate to a new place, so he decided to “steal” Cleo’s pillow.  He spent the whole day there. I even had to feed him there.

I should have suspected that something was wrong, but here’s where I just attributed it to Indy being “weird”.  And I thought, normally Indy does spend the whole day in one favourite spot. It’s usually one of the wooden shelves – he would just sleep there all day. So, that’s what he is doing, but on this pillow, something he had never done before.

It was only after dinner that I decided to take him down from the pillow. He immediately went to hide under the bed.

Oh no….

Oh no….

That’s when I knew Indy is definitely sick.

The last time Indy was “severely” ill, he was practically living under the bed all day. “Severely ill” here means the vet could not find out what was wrong with him and all the tests showed up negative. And yet, Indy wasn’t well.

I then took Indy out to the garden, I wanted to see his reactions. That is when I saw it!

Indy was limping. He couldn’t put his left paw on the ground at all.

Oh no…

Is it the calicivirus?  Did he hurt himself when jumping down from the wooden shelf?  Did he sprain his leg?

But when I carried him, he did not object, so maybe it’s not the entire leg?

It wasn’t. It’s his paw. His left paw is slightly swollen.

By then, I had already given him Vetri DMG and after I saw that it was a swell, I gave him Beazyme.

He would definitely need a vet’s visit today unless he gets well before that.

Hopefully it’s a minor issue. I texted the vet to make an appointment, but the clinic was already closed by then.

Did it have something to do with the war cry the day before which resulted in Bunny’s right eye being injured? By the way, I did consult the vet about Bunny and she said I could apply Nicol eye drops for 7 days. Bunny’s eye is much better already. And I also have not detected anymore diarrhoea (WHO invented this spelling, why couldn’t it be spelled “direa” or something like that?).

I had thought I’d have to take Bunny to the vet, but now it’s Indy who has to go.

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