Indy Jones is BACK!!

Yes, even last night, he was already “back”!

This morning, he was already jumping up the wooden shelves and during wound cleaning time, he even stretched out his paw for me!  What a good boy. I think it’s also the effect of the painkillers.

At least without experiencing the pain, he has regained his confidence and is no longer hiding under the bed.

The wound also looks so much better now. This Marboflaxacin, I was told, is a targeted antibiotic for wounds. It’s good. Indy healed very well the last time he had three wounds from his fight with Ginger (Ginger had none).

I’m back, folks!!

It’s his left paw, which you can see, but the wound is healing quite remarkably.

The e-collar is to prevent him from licking his paw after application of the Fucidin. I take it off after that.

Bunny is okay too.

The diarrhoea has stopped, so I’m waiting for him to defecate normally again…

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