Bunny – the magic happened!

Bunny had diarrhoea four days ago.

The next day, I stopped all his constipation medication and supplements and only gave him plain steamed chicken. The diarrhoea stopped.

And the following day, I started back his constipation medication but that was also the day he had the eye problem and I took all three (Indy, Ginger and Bunny) to the vet’s. The vet palpated and there was no faeces at all.

In all, Bunny has not defecated for three days and today is the fourth day after the bout of diarrhoea. I was getting slightly worried if he is constipated again. Today, he’s on more Cisapride and Lactulose already.

I’ve also been so sick for one-and-a-half days, down with severe cough and diarrhoea too. Sigh…

Then this evening, the magic happened.

I took Bunny to his spot and did the Scratch3x song. I haven’t done this for a very long time now since he has been able to defecate on his own.

Bunny first urinated, then he started scratching, and scratching and….the magic happened!

Bunny pooped….a medium one. It was also not hard at all. Well-formed.


Good boy, Bunny Bun Buns!!

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